How to be Open and Receptive to Life



There are so many amazing aspects and possibilities in life. Are you open and receptive to them? We are all creatures of habit. We like what we know, and we get comfortable in what we know. Sometimes we become so comfortable that we even turn away an idea simply because it is new or foreign. One of the most amazing ways to live life is to be open and receptive to all ideas, people, places, and opportunities. The Universe is always sending us new ways to live magnificent lives, we just have to be conscious and present to it.

So, what can we incorporate into our lives this week to ensure that we are living our lives with open minds and accepting hearts? Try out some of the tips below and witness wonderful, exciting possibilities as they enter your life.

1. Start your day off with a clear and present mind. Waking up with meditation and your mantra is such a lovely way to bring your mind, body, and spirit into alignment. You are at peace and in the right frame of mind to be open to whatever the world wants to bring your way on that given day.

2. Let go of all your “should’s” and “supposed to’s.” Try to release the rigid rules you’ve established in your life. Let your life flow and see what wonderful new things can magically appear.

3. Step outside your comfort zone. Amazing things can happen when we push ourselves just a little bit. When we play life safe, we can miss out on some really exciting things. Step outside of your box and explore life.

4. Have an open mind. Just because something is foreign doesn’t mean it’s bad or wrong or won’t work for you. Life is all about learning and growing. Set an intention of being willing to see things in a new light.

Have you used these tips and seen amazing things happen in your life? Share your story! 

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