How to Attract More of What You Want in Life


We all have desires, wishes, hopes and dreams. Many of us work so hard, hustle, and try to do everything it takes to get what we want and still feel empty handed. We think success and getting what you want has to do with luck. What if I told you that you have control of what you get in life? The good news is you do have that power. The bad news is you have to work for it. What I mean by work for it is you have to change your thoughts, which for many of us is a lot of work. Your thoughts truly matter; your thoughts become things. Your thoughts become your reality.

I have been spending a lot of time listening and reading books on the Law of Attraction. This has lead me to really start to observe my thoughts, acknowledge my current situation, and think about what thoughts I might have had to create the situations I am experiencing right now. Usually, I can pinpoint a thought or belief system that has manifested into a life situation that is in the present moment, which I might not really desire. This has been a huge revelation for me, as it has given me a big sense of control in what I am creating for my life.

The simple act of redirecting my thoughts and reframing my beliefs has dramatically changed my life. I have found so much freedom and happiness in simply being aware of how I want to feel, and choosing thoughts based on those desires. It’s time to be the magical co-creator of the life of your dreams. You can have what you desire, you just have to start with the thoughts in the mind.

Are you ready to change your thoughts and change your life? Here is a simple step-by-step guide to get you on the right path.

1. Get clear. How do you want to feel, and what do you wish to attract? Clarity is the foundation on which you build the life of your dreams.

2. Observe your thoughts. Are your thoughts in alignement with your desires? Begin to notice how your mind works. Make adjustments accordingly.

3. Be the energy you wish to attract. Live in the energy of what you desire. Act as if you already have all that you so deeply wish for.

4. Let go of the attachment to the outcome, and enjoy the ride. The present moment is where the magic truly happens. Release the attachment to specific outcomes, and see what unfolds when you are living freely in the now.

What are you wishing to attract in your life? Feel free to out your desires here in the comments, sending it out to the Universe! We will create manifesting magic together here!

xoxo, Michelle

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