How I Weather Incoming Storms

August 31, 2019

How I Weather Incoming Storms

This week has been a whirlwind, to say the least. It’s funny how you can make plans for your life, and then have everything turned upside down when unexpected storms are at your doorstep.

I say this in the physical sense, as we in Florida have been bracing ourselves for the effects of Hurricane Dorian, but metaphorically it has so much meaning, too.

Potentially catastrophic storms brewing in the distance have a tendency to bring out and bring up a lot for us, as humans. There’s fear, uncertainty, anxiety, and the unease that comes from waiting.

For me, that’s the biggest piece of it all, the waiting. The uncertainty. The fact that no one knows how any of this will pan out.

It’s funny though, because that’s life in regularity too, isn’t it?

We never really know what tomorrow will bring for us. What potential “storms” make rock our worlds. Life is unpredictable and uncertain, always. Which, yes, I know sounds harsh and grim, but I promise you, there’s a silver lining.

Weathering storms, whether physical or internal, requires presence and awareness. When we know and accept that life is truly unpredictable, we release the need to try and control it. In this release, we can take all the real actions we need, in whatever circumstances arise, that can lead to the best case resolution.

Storms leave less of a devastation in our lives when we have a strong foundation built from within.

The time that we spend working on ourselves is our preparation. Our self-care practices are our lifelines. Our ability to see through the weeds to know what’s true is what brings peace and understanding. And our ability to stay present to what is, makes us calm and at ease. When we have confidence, faith, trust, and ease from within ourselves, we can maneuver through anything.

Remember, worrying, ruminating, overanalyzing, and writing stories will never propel us to lead the life that we wish to lead, in fact, they will drain us and keep us stuck.

Presence, patience, clear-mindedness, and trust will always guide us through the darkest of storms.

If you live in Hurricane Dorian’s path I’m sending you my love and prayers as you prepare, wait, and endure this powerful storm.



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