How Gratitude Can Help In Turbulent Times

November 24, 2021

How Gratitude Can Help In Turbulent Times

Hi dear friends,

As we enter into this holiday season of 2021, starting with the holiday rooted in gratitude, I want to take this moment to express my gratitude for you, reading this right now. I think that everyone can agree that life these past 20-months has been difficult, weird, and disorienting. It means so very much to me, my mom,  and the rest of us at Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life that you continue to be part of our community through it all.

I think sometimes it’s easy to forget how meaningful and powerful the practice of cultivating gratitude is in our lives. Often times, it seems to get swept up in our busy to-do lists as habits that we do just because we think we need to, rather than really tapping in to what that practice actually uncovers for us. I say this because I feel this way, often. Of course, I’m grateful for all the blessings and privileges that my life has bestowed upon me, but life is hard and messy and it’s easy to forget those blessings when we’re in the thick of hardship.

The interesting thing that I’ve noticed for myself when it comes to gratitude is that it’s easy to feel grateful when life is going really well, but it’s even more transformational during difficulty. Gratitude is the most powerful when life is hard, because it’s that lifeline that tethers us to something good. In turbulent times, we don’t always need miraculous acts and grandiose gestures, but often the simple recognition of that steady good, just beneath the surface can bring us so much peace and comfort.

I’ve often talked about how these years of the pandemic have opened my eyes to how much joy can be found in simplicity, and how there are so many simple, ordinary things in my every day life that I am truly grateful for. When life feels extra challenging, I drill deeper into those tiny joys, because no matter what, they are always there.

So if you’re feeling extremely bogged down by all the things that are seemingly going wrong, there is so much power in remembering the little things that are going right, and all we have to do is remember to look for it. There really is so much joy in the average, daily life occurrences, and in normal times, we take for granted. I’m incredibly grateful for this reminder to relish in these simplicities.

I find gratitude isn’t it’s most powerful in massive moments of great happiness and success, but in the spaces in between. Gratitude has the power to fill the void of uncertainty and bring us a sense of peace in chaos. When I can feel, just an ounce of gratefulness, especially when everything else around me may be upside-down, I can smile, breathe, and find hope for a better tomorrow.

My wish for during this holiday season, and this last month of the year, is that you feel safe and protected. May you be healthy and strong, May you see the joy and feel happiness in the ordinary moments of life, and may you live with confidence and ease.

With love and gratitude, Michelle


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