How Attainable is Perfection?



We all have goals and ideals of what we want in life. We want to be happy, we want to be healthy, we want to have loving relationships, and we want to have purpose. Sometimes we forget that to reach these ideals we strive for, we need to put in the effort required. I teach yoga, so I often come to use my yoga practice as a metaphor for things that I’m experiencing in my everyday life. There are certain poses that are challenging for me, just like others have some that are tough for them. In class, when it comes time to do these poses, I tend to back off, go into a different pose, or just hang, thinking to myself that this is something I can’t do, or I’ll figure out how to do it later on. This mentality has kept me stuck in my yoga practice and in life.

This week my message to you is about practice. There is the old saying, “practice makes perfect,” but I’d like to tweak that a little bit. I think practice makes progress. I believe we are all striving everyday towards an ideal, and realistically we may never reach that perfect moment, but that’s not what life is about. Life is about that journey of The Practice. The wise yogi Sri K. Pattabhi Jois says, “Practice, practice and all is coming.” This quote pops into mind often. It’s a reminder that life is about practice, patience, and progress. Try to incorporate this mentality into your life this week, in every aspect you can think of.

To get you started, here are three things to keep in mind for practice in your life:

1. Think about the areas you wish to improve in your life. Having this in your consciousness allows you the space to take the steps for improvement. If you want to become healthier, take baby steps to make better choices. If you want to become an artist, take some classes. Become aware of what you’d like to grow into.

2. Don’t hold expectations of how you think you should be. We’ve all had those moments when we walk into a yoga class after years of practice thinking we are going to be the star of the class. We put ourselves up on pedestals because that’s where we think we should be. The journey is all about the ebb and flow of life. Every day is different and every day presents new opportunities and challenges. Let go of the “shoulds” and the “coulds.” Live in the “what is.”

3. Surprise yourself. By constantly striving for growth you’ll notice how much your life improves, in many different aspects. As humans, we are meant to constantly be growing, learning, and evolving.

What are areas of your life that you feel could use some loving practice? Let us know!

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