Healing Through Storytelling


One of the things that I love about life is how everyone has their own unique view of the world. You and I may be looking at the exact same thing, but interpret it differently, and it’s totally okay and even amazing. Each and every one of us has a story, and it is 100% unique and our own. There is no one else on this earth that has the same story that you do, and that in itself should make you feel special and gifted. The tricky thing about our stories is that sometimes a part of the story can be dark, sometimes it can be bright, and sometimes it can be confusing, it is never a flat line. But this is also what is amazing about our stories. We can learn so much from them. We would not be who we are in this moment without the many sub-stories we have been through to get us here today.

The art of storytelling can be so healing, for ourselves, and even for others. I learned this recently. At a workshop, I was asked to tell a story about myself that I felt would have no significance to the group; it seemed silly and utterly unimportant to anyone other than myself. In my mind, it was simply an exercise in public speaking, but still I got up and told my story. The benefits of this exercise were two-fold. I, myself, felt healed through this storytelling. In my speaking, connecting, and feeling how I felt in that moment, and then projecting it out to others, helped me to feel a major release of any baggage or emotion that I still held onto. Even better, I had many people come up to me to express to me how telling my story, and speaking my truth, as mundane as I thought it was, had influenced, healed, and motivated them as well. This felt amazing.

My blog this week doesn’t have steps or tips, but I encourage you to find healing in your own stories, and if you feel so compelled find outlets to share the stories that you feel have impacted you in some way. Storytelling is an amazing way to connect on a deep level with other people, and can bring so much love, healing, and happiness into our lives.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about this in the comments below and hope to someday hear some of your stories!

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