Gratitude Practices for the Holidays (And Year Round)!


It’s late November, and so it’s only fitting to have a post about gratitude. I have talked about gratitude quite often on this blog throughout the years. Gratitude is one of the most important emotions we feel in this life. Let’s be honest here, with all that is going on in the world right now, it can be really easy to fall into a negative slump, leaving us feeling helpless or even worse, hopeless. This is when gratitude comes in and really saves the day. Whether we can see it in the moment or not, there is always something to be thankful for. It is gratitude that can bring us out of the darkest of times, and help us to find the silver lining again. In the spirit of the holiday season, and focusing on the theme of gratitude, this week’s blog is intended to help you give thanks now and throughout the year.

  1. Wake up in the morning and say thank you. We are never promised another day of life. How lucky are we to wake up and have another chance to live in love.
  2. Be present so that you can notice the good. Sometimes we get caught up in the thoughts in our head and miss the good that is actually happening in the now. Live in the present moment so you can be aware of the positive happenings around you.
  3. Take a gratitude inventory daily. If you are struggling to find the good stuff in life, I encourage you to make an effort to write down what you are grateful for, every single day. This is a sure fire way to bring yourself back to that thankful, positive place. Gratitude lists don’t have to be grandiose. They can be as simple as being thankful for air to breathe, food to eat, or even a smile from a stranger.
  4. Notice the little things, for they are the big things. Stemming from the gratitude inventory, remember sometimes the smallest gestures can make the biggest impact. Maybe you don’t need a fancy yacht or mansion to feel gratitude, but the kindness from loved ones and a feeling of purpose to experience the sense of gratitude. Positive little things are just as meaningful as the “big” things.
  5. Reframe setbacks as an opportunity to learn and grow. Life can be hard. Life is difficult. We all know this. Don’t dwell in difficulty or despair. Reorganize the situation and think of how you can look at it differently. How can you bring love to a situation that is currently low vibe? This will bring you back to a more peaceful, grateful place.

I hope these gratitude tools are helpful! Remember, be the expression of gratitude that you wish to see. Your thoughts and energy are contagious. What are you spreading in your community and to the world? If we want the world to have more gratitude, it must start with gratitude in our own hearts. I am so grateful for every single one of you and the amazing work you do in the world! Let’s keep the gratitude train going! Comment below on what you are grateful for!

Love and gratitude,

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