Five Ways to Find Meaning in Life


5 Ways to Find Meaning in Life

What is the purpose of life? That is one of the biggest questions we have on a daily basis. While the answer may vary from person to person, I believe there is an overarching answer that can apply to anyone. The purpose of life is to find meaning and peace in whatever you do. Though not always easy, once this is achieved, life is lived with so much more gusto and fulfillment.

What we struggle with when finding meaning is that we think we need to be doing grandiose things to have purpose. If we’re not out changing the world, on some large scale, for the better, we are less than. This way of thinking is simply not true. The real fulfilling way of life is finding meaning, even in the most minuscule of tasks. Being present and giving attention to every action you make, having thought, purpose and presence in every aspect of your life. Then, the sum of all your actions will total up to something truly magnificent. If you’re feeling like your life needs a little adjustment and could use a little more purpose, check out some of these tips below to help guide you towards a more meaningful, fulfilling way of life.

1. Set an intention. Ideally, how would you like your life to look? What comes to mind when you think about your life? What words would you use to describe it? Set an intention for how you want to live your life. Put this notion out to the Universe.

2. Search for what makes you truly happy. Go on a mission to find joy in even the smallest activities. Revert back to hobbies you truly loved as a child. Find new ways to be creative and work toward setting aside some quality time for yourself to enjoy these activities.

3. Surround yourself with loving people. Find those people in your life that support you and encourage you to be your best. Search out like-minded people with who you can bounce ideas off of and inspire one another.

4. Make time for stillness and reflection. Going inward and connecting with yourself is so important. It is here where we receive so much guidance and wisdom for our lives. Don’t underestimate those few precious moments you set aside each day for meditation. Cherish them and know that this loving habit of stillness will help you find peace in your life.

5. Know that you are important in this world, and your positive presence makes each day a little brighter. Living in such a large world can make us feel small, and sometimes meaningless. Know that without you, the world would not be the same. This idea can be tough for some of us to grasp, so let it sit and resonate with you for a little. You matter, and we need all that you have to give to make this world the best it can be.

What are some actions you can take this week to add meaning to your life? Are there things you can let go of? Let us know!

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