Five Ways to Boost Your Mood and Beat the Winter Blues

December 15, 2018

Five Ways to Boost Your Mood and Beat the Winter Blues

It’s December, and there may be snow and dreary weather. Perhaps seasonal depression has kicked in for you. Speaking from experience, I know just how trying a grueling winter can be. Most of the time, it’s easiest to just curl up and wishfully sleep through the rest of the season. Since we’re not bears, and we can’t hibernate, let’s come up with some ways we can reverse the winter blues, and create our own sunshine.

1. Meditate. This is always my number one “go to.” We know the drill: Meditation calms the mind, eases the spirit, and starts your day out on a strong foot. Pick a cozy spot in your meditation corner, and instantly boost your spirits. Just 5 minutes will make all the difference!

2. Be in the “Now.” It’s hard to not yearn for the months when the sun will come out again and the snow will melt, but as we have learned, present moment living is a sure fire way to be happy in life. Bring yourself back to the “now,” and find the positives in what is going on at this very second. I promise you, there is always something beautiful to see.

3. Get moving. Exercise makes you happy. We all know it, yet it’s always the last thing we really want to do after a long day. The endorphins matter! Do whatever you can to move your body for at least fifteen minutes each day. Staying stagnant day-after-day can really lead to some low times. Try something new, be adventurous. And if it’s really freezing out there, waltz on into a hot yoga studio and warm your body up from the inside out.

4. Make a Date. Organizing fun activities with loved ones can always turn a frown upside down. Be creative, be a kid again! Take the initiative and spread the love to all of your social circles.

5. Sneak in the Vitamin D. While sunshine can be limited, try your best to get out, and enjoy it when you can. Vitamin D can improve your mood, kicking seasonal depression to the curb! If you’re really craving extra sun, look into buying a sun lamp, or replace some of your light bulbs with ones that are similar to sunlight.

What have you found useful to get you through the winter months? Let us know!

Happy Sunday Everyone!

xoxo Michelle

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