Finding Stability in an Uncertain World


Hello again, my friends.

We’ve made it through another week, and I am so grateful that you all are here.

These times are so odd, and uncomfortable, and uncertain, but what gives me great relief is knowing that we can all “gather” here on Sundays and be together in this way. So thank you for that comfort!

I know that we are living in very unusual and scary times. We all feel this deeply, and it’s a lot to take in day after day.

One of the biggest sources of anxiety that I’ve experienced, and that many have been messaging me about is the uncertainty of it all. When will we flatten the curve? When can businesses reopen? When will the economy get back on track? When will things go back to “normal”?

There are so many questions, and unfortunately because of how life is, we don’t have those answers.

We just don’t know. And as scary as that might feel, it’s also okay not to know.

The truth of the matter is, we never know. We can never be sure what the future looks like: whether it’s one day, one month, or one year into the future. We cannot control the unfolding of life, but as we know, we can practice to manage our reactions to it.

There are two pieces here that have brought me relief in knowing this truth.

The first one is being able to release the need to control everything and recognizing that I cannot control anything. That release creates the space in my life to understand what I can do, rather than what I can’t. Often times we get so caught up in a control whirlwind, that when we finally settle down, we can see the next aligned actions that can be taken to bring a sense of peace.

The second is after the release of the need to control, I find a sense of security and peace in cultivating, nurturing, and nourishing the strong foundation that lives within me. For me, feeling stable and balanced internally, allows me to weather the storms that go on externally. And this, of course, is a practice. The knowing that my foundation keeps me grounded, allows me to continue to make it a priority in my life, even when everything else feels upside down. So, I continue to set aside the time to participate in the practices that allow me to continue to feel whole, even when everything else feels fractured.

I know that it is said that we are all in this together, and it’s comforting to know that we are. The varying degrees to which this pandemic effects our personal lives, should be noted. I understand that we all are managing very different and unique circumstances, so I urge you to remember that this is not a one-size-fits-all approach.

Find what works for you, and release the need for your self-care and your personal stability to look like anyone else’s. Honor that piece of you within that feels strong, against all odds, and keep cultivating it and building that muscle.

Sending love and good wishes your way.



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