Finding Happiness

January 13, 2013

Many times when we are asked about what we really want in life, we say “to be happy.” We all want to be happy and lead fulfilling, loving lives. When we ask for happiness in our lives, do we really know what we are asking for? Is happiness purely an emotion that we experience when we are doing something we enjoy? Is it when things go our way or when we are with people we love? It can be all of these things, however, happiness can be fleeting when we solely base it on the external. Real happiness, I believe, starts deep inside of you. It’s a constant state of mind. Once you’ve made up your mind to live a joyful existence, stick with it. Let it shine onto those around you. It’s work, but it’s worth it, and if you need some help now and again, here are some tips for abundant happiness.

1- Focus on what you have, not what you wish you had. A lot of times we say to ourselves, “I’ll finally be happy when…” We give ourselves ultimatums on what it’s going to take to be happy. Instead, look at all of life as a blessing. Be happy and grateful for what you do have in your life and don’t focus on the don’t haves.

2- Surround yourself with love. Our lives are built on relationships. Friends and loved ones have the ability to instill peace in our hearts and love in our lives. Put simply, we’re happy when we have wonderful support systems in our lives. Take a look around you. Are there people in your life that are not serving your happiness?

3- Make time for things that make you happy. So many of us say we would love to be able to pick up a hobby, if only we had enough time. While I am totally understanding of those who have a jam packed life, it really is important to set aside at least one hour in a week to do something that really thrills you. Take a painting class, go to yoga, reconnect with nature. Whatever it is, find something that you connect with and set aside some time for it.

4- Just keep moving. Our happiness gets stalled when we feel that we are stagnant in life. When you’re in a rut you feel that life is just passing you by. Push through and grow. Bring the zest back into your life. If things are getting a little too dull, look back to number three above and find something you love to spice up your life.

5- Selfless service. One of the most rewarding things we can do with our time is to give to others. We feel pure joy when we serve. So, if you need a pick-me-up, do something wonderful for someone else. When we give, we ultimately receive so much in return.

What is your “go to” when you are looking for real happiness in your life? How have you helped someone find happiness? What works for you? Let us know!

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