Freedom Is Our Greatest Gift

June 28, 2015

Freedom Is Our Greatest Gift

I just realized that next week is Independence Day in the United States. I can hardly believe that we are already heading into July; this summer is going by so quickly! With the upcoming holiday, I was thinking about independence and what that means to me. Lately I have been craving freedom. In almost every single conversation I have with people, somehow I come full circle back to the desire to feel free. What does freedom and feeling free really mean though? In the generic sense, yes I am free. I live in the United States, I have free will, I can choose my actions on a day-to-day basis, and I am truly so grateful for all of that. But what I’m really craving is freedom within myself. Does this mean that right now I’m not feeling free in that way? Maybe. But I’m definitely on the search for it. I’ve experienced glimpses of freedom within myself lately and it is just so liberating (naturally). What can I do to feel free? In what areas of my life do I need to open up more in order to feel free? I’ve noticed that there are three core areas where I am trying to create more freedom in my life. I’ll break them down below.

  1. Freedom in mind. The thoughts in your mind are so freaking powerful. Your thoughts create your reality. With that being said, if you are having really negative thoughts on a 24/7 basis, you’re going to feel trapped. For me, it’s a continual practice of bringing my mind back from the negative and going to the positive. It’s work, but it also brings that sense of freedom. I use affirmations and mantras on the regular to free my mind from the mental trap. A daily meditation practice also helps me release whatever is holding me back mentally.
  2. Freedom in body. Many of us feel trapped within our own bodies. Many of us don’t like the bodies that we live in. And that is a horrible way to feel. Our bodies are our homes that we are living in for our entire lives, I can’t think of anything more depressing that loathing your home for a lifetime. I myself have felt trapped in my own body, due to the thoughts in my mind, and it’s not a pretty place to be. I’m working on feeling free in this area, but just like anything else, it is a daily commitment. I choose exercises that ignite freedom within my body. Yoga, for example, does this for me. In fact, one of my favorite kinds of yoga is Strala, which literally is the “movement system that ignites freedom”. Check it out I also choose to consume things that make me feel good. When I eat or drink not-so-great things, I feel not-so-great, and then end up in a spiral of negativity. Finally, I choose to love and accept myself where I am at this very moment. Which is a challenge, but how can I ever feel free if I am always yearning for a goal or ideal that is in the future? Love yourself now.
  3. Freedom in physicality. How can you let yourself feel free in your day-to-day life? For me feeling free is getting into nature, or even taking a drive with no specific destination. Keeping my home in order and clearing out clutter helps to bring me back to that free feeling. Planning trips to places I haven’t seen or even just places that bring me joy gives me the sense of freedom, but in this instance it’s totally unique to you. What makes you feel free, physically?

I’m making my freedom my intention for the next few weeks; I’ll keep you posted on how it goes! I’d love to know your thoughts on freedom and how you stay feeling free! Let me know in the comments below!

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