Feeling Your Way to Feeling Better


How are you feeling? What are you feeling? Do you know? Are you able to tap into your true feelings at any given moment? I’ve recently noticed in myself that I have been living very surface level with my feelings. I will feel the general variety of feelings, but don’t always dive deeper to truly feel. Deep down, I think we tend to avoid our feelings because of fear. We fear what the feelings truly mean.

Feelings are your radar; they are a signifier of what is going on for you. When we push down and close out our feelings, we disconnect from ourselves. We may think that feeling certain feelings makes us weak or less than, but when we allow the feelings to actually come through, recognize them, work through them, and release them, we come out stronger, wiser, and more in-tune with ourselves.

Being in tune with your feelings is a constant practice (like most things in our lives!).

We must set the intention to desire to know our feelings and ultimately truly know ourselves.

Though feeling your feelings is a practice, it is also very simple and can be broken down into the following steps:

1. Intend to feel

2. Be present in each moment

3. Notice how situations, people, places make you feel

4. Journal or jot down any common thought patterns or emotions

5. Sit in loving contemplation on past situations that trigger these feelings

6. Have gratitude for yourself, honor yourself, and love yourself regardless of the feelings you are feeling

7. Ask for any feelings blocking you from true happiness be dissolved and released

Put this on repeat as often and as much as necessary.

We are human beings; we have been through a lot of difficulty, trauma, and strife. We are not made of stone, and thus we are meant to feel. Don’t deny your humanness, and don’t deny yourself the feelings that come through that ultimately will bring you healing.

How do you manage your feelings? Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments below!

xoxo, Michelle

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