My End Of The Year Ritual

December 28, 2014

My End Of The Year Ritual

The end of a year is such an exciting time. For me, I can just feel the change in energy, the shift in perception, and the immense curiosity of what is to come. I find myself feeling extra positive at the end of each year, and feeling like anything is possible. And really, it is. Even though the end of the year is such a hectic time with holidays, parties, and family time, I find it’s a time of going inward and reflection. I just love taking time with myself to go over the past twelve months, honor what has happened and prepare for another whole year. You may all have your own rituals of how you close out a year, but I want to share with you what I do to say good-bye to the year that has passed and say hello to a brand new era of our lives. Check out my own end of the year ritual below!

  1. Gratitude meditation. As a perfect way to start my ritual, I take some time for meditation. Spend a few minutes in silence with your eyes closed and just feel gratitude. You can think back to experiences or people that have filled you with joy this year and take these minutes to just be grateful. Feel this feeling in your whole body and soul. Epitomize being grateful for everything that has happened up until this moment.
  2. Journal about all the challenges, experiences, and lessons learned. Although a great year in many ways, 2014 was also an extremely challenging year. This journaling portion for me will be so important, as there has been SO much I have learned and been through. Take an inventory of all that has happened, recognize it, honor it, and then set an intention to let it go. Think of the New Year as a clean slate; keep the past in the past and allow space for the excitement of a brand new year.
  3. Set intentions. You all know by now, I love intention setting. Again, it makes me feel like anything is possible. You could again take some time in meditation, or just go inward and see what your spirit truly wants for this year. Maybe it’s focusing on self-care, or building a business, or finding a romantic relationship. Listen to what the soul wants, and send this intention out to the Universe to be manifested. Your thoughts, words, and actions are so powerful. When you truly want something, the world will conspire to help you achieve it.
  4. Make an inspiring to-do list. I love having things to look forward to. Sometimes it’s fun to make a list of fun things you would love to do in the days to come. Maybe take a fun family vacation, go on a meditation retreat, or even read a book you have been dying to dive into. Make a small list of fun things you would like to do for yourself in the coming year. If you are feeling even more eager, you could even pull out a calendar and write it down there, almost forcing you to follow through on making time for you and your joy! Remember you are in charge of your happiness, make yourself a priority and find time for yourself in 2015.
  5. Let go. Perhaps the hardest step for many of us, me included! I love to micromanage and make sure everything gets done, so surrendering the outcome to the Universe can be super challenging. Once you have gone through all these preparatory steps, it’s time to just let go, and allow everything to happen in due time. Of course, it is still necessary to take positive actions in the direction of your dreams and intentions, but there is no need to force or put pressure on yourself for the outcome. I have found that everything happens for a reason and in the perfect timing. Trust that life will follow in this way.

I would love to hear your end of the year rituals, and what you do to prepare for this brand new year! Thank you for spending 2014 here with me on the blog, I’m so excited to see what next year has in store for us! Happy New Year!

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