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Dear Peacemakers,

I founded Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life in 2011 with the deep desire to help all beings have inner peace, which I believe will ultimately bring world peace, one person at a time.

This has been a true labor of love. Every day we are making a difference in lives all over the world. This small non-profit has been completely funded with my personal resources, volunteers, and the profits from my book The Practice. We are now at a point where we need your help to grow our programs and continue to complete our mission.

To date, Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life workshops and lectures have reached over 100,000 people. Thanks to social media, we are making huge strides with our daily inspirational messages reaching over 10 million people through shares.

Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life has programs at underprivileged child development centers, at a University serving students and the community at large, as well as programs for young adults with autism. We are now looking to bring programs to hospitals and health institutions.

I humbly ask your help so that we may continue this important work. Imagine, if everyone reading this right now donated $5, we would support our mission for 2 years!

Donate now $50 dollars or more, and we will send you a new limited edition Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life t-shirt, a 1-hour digital Gratitude recording download by Thomas Merton Scholar James Finley, and an inspirational video download featuring Gabrielle Bernstein.

Our programming has grown exponentially since its inception, and with your support we will be able to expand our offerings worldwide and achieve our mission of helping more people further their inner peace and wellness.

I am grateful for you and the difference we are making together!

With my love and blessings,
Barb Schmidt
Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life Founder

*Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life is a 501(c)(3) so all donations are tax deductible within the US.

Donate by mail:
Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life
201 Plaza Real Suite #140
Boca Raton FL, 33432
Phone: (561) 353-7351


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