Declutter Your Space, Declutter Your Life


Have you ever felt like a mess? Mentally, spiritually, emotionally? Well, I have this week! Everything was out of sorts. I was feeling lethargic, uninspired, unfocused…so many low vibe things! And the interesting thing is I was really practicing my practice and yet still I had a sense of unease. I was confused for an instant, and then I took a moment to really notice what was happening around me, and I instantly realized what was happening. My apartment was in complete disarray. I have been on-the-go a lot lately and the packing to unpack to pack again has wreaked havoc on my home, to say the least. The disarray of my living space was causing distress in my mental space.

As you guys know, I believe that everything is energy, and so the chaotic and unorganized energy of my home was being reflected in my mental space. Can some of you can relate? I’m pretty sure we all want to feel great, be happy, exude energy, and have a clear mind, so this week, I encourage you to do a quick scan of your space to see where you could tidy up. And, if you are feeling extra ambitious, check out the very popular book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, by Marie Kondo. I was first introduced to this book over a year ago, and have incorporated the practices of “tidying up” and it has changed my life.

I tend to be a packrat. I love keeping everything, which can be nice to be sentimental, but this can lead to MAJOR clutter. My suggestion to those of you who are serious about clearing out your space, take some time really know how each object makes you feel. If it doesn’t make you feel good, get rid of it or donate it to someone who might find use for it. Trust me, it feels amazing to do this!

I go through and clear out my space every few months, and when my home, my office, my car, and anywhere else I spend time is tidy and uncluttered I feel…

– Clear minded
– Motiveated
– Focused
– Inspired
– Organized
– More patient
– More in control of my life
– Responsible
– Connected to myself
– Prepared
– Calm

…to name a few!

I love passing along small tips like this to you guys because these are things that make huge differences in my life and I want you all to be happy! I love helping to bring peace to your lives in whatever way I can, so I hope this week you will enjoy the art of decluttering!

Let me know how this process is working for you and any tips you might like to share with us!
Happy “tidying up” my friends!


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