7 Tips For Dealing with Difficult People


Hi my friends,

Sending you all so much love in this new week!

I am most often asked about how to manage relationships, particularly when they are with people who are difficult or who push our buttons. While the people in our life can bring us so much joy, love, fulfillment, and excitement, we all have experienced the type of relationship that drains, depletes, and takes more than it gives.

I’ve spent lots of my time reflecting on this kind of relationship, and seeking to have a better sense of understanding when it comes to managing this type of person.

To start, I do truly believe relationships are a two-way street. It’s crucial to always keep ourselves in check, making sure we are showing up in the ways that we would like other people to show up for us. An unpopular truth is knowing that it can be easy to pass blame for relationship dysfunction onto the other, but true strength and love stems from showing up with integrity and with grace.

I know that there is a lot of pain accumulated from relationships, we store all the hurts and traumas in the body, and then they can create a barrier around our heart. Rather than letting the difficulty in your life harden and close you off, remember that relationships can serve as our greatest teachers about strength, resiliency, love, and forgiveness. All of our past relationships have taught us what we need to know, to show up in the most aligned way for the relationships of the present.

If you’re struggling with difficult people in your life right now, it may also be helpful to remember the following:

  • It’s okay to set boundaries and say no when feeling called
  • It’s okay to give yourself space
  • Healthy communication is an act of love and care
  • You’re allowed to vocalize your needs in a kind way
  • Know yourself enough to know your limits
  • Practice discernment with your vulnerability
  • You never have to rationalize your intuitive feelings about a situation

Wishing you all the most beautiful week.

xo, Michelle


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