Cultivating Patience in Our Busy Lives: Removing Personal Obstacles

April 27, 2012

First I would like to thank everyone who attended our last workshop of the series: Cultivating Patience in Our Busy Lives: Removing Personal Obstacles. We had an amazing time with over 130 participants for the 2 days! Patience is something we all wish we had more of so this workshop was energizing, thoughtful and full of helpful tips on how patience can be the “foundation” of our lives.

Lets try to be aware of living our lives more patiently and more lovingly with ourselves and those around us this weekend. The Sacred Friend is a practice to help us be this person.  We call it a Sacred Friend because when we take a sacred word and repeatedly use it, overtime we are developing a relationship with that place deep inside of our hearts, which is our highest self.

If you do not have a Sacred Friend, read about choosing one on our website. If you already have a Sacred Friend, a sacred word or a mantra, be aware of trying to use it throughout your day and notice the times you are more patient.

The Sacred Friend-Mantra is a tool for creating peace in your mind, body and heart. It supports you by intercepting or slowing down the rush of thoughts in your mind and helping you act mindfully, rather than mindlessly react.

~ Barb Schmidt, Founder, Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life

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