How to Cultivate Healthy Habits

August 17, 2014

How to Cultivate Healthy Habits

For the past few months, I’ve been really focusing on self-exploration trying to figure out what it means to be healthy, happy, and whole, for myself. Being in the health and wellness field, I get asked all the time what I think people should do to feel great. While there are certain guidelines that are helpful for healthy living, I think as a society we’ve become too geared toward depending on what people tell us to do instead of figuring it out for ourselves! Before you get mad at me for saying that, I, of course, believe in getting an expert’s opinion, especially when it comes to health, but I also wholeheartedly think it’s time we start to take our health and our lives into our own hands. Sometimes you have to drop the “should’s” and the “must’s” and just do what feels good for you. So, how does one do that? Many of us are so out of touch with our bodies, our emotions, and our intuition, myself included at times! There’s no judgment, just awareness. I’m on a mission to feel good, so it only makes sense to do things that feel good, right? If you think this is great, here are some tips for you to cultivate healthy habits that feel good for you!

  1. Make time every day to actually spend time with yourself. Whether it’s your morning meditation or an evening solo stroll, cherish the time you spend with you.
  2. Be present and aware when consuming foods and drinks. We’re all told what diets are “the best”. What is best for you? When you eat foods, take time to notice how your body feels. Be mindful and aware, you may even want to take notes. Start to lean towards those foods that truly make your body feel satisfied and happy.
  3. Exercise mindfully. It’s great to move your body; we all know that. There is a plethora of ways to get moving (see last month’s blog), but some ways may resonate more with you than others. Try them out and experiment! What makes you feel alive, confident, strong, and energized?
  4. Give yourself the freedom to explore. We are so lucky to have the ability to explore in this life. We have free will and can choose to see, do, and feel anything we want. Start listening to what your body tells you; find activities that you truly enjoy, and that light you up inside.
  5. Don’t make things so complicated. We like to over-complicate life, when really it’s pretty easy! Lean towards the healthy habits that make your mind, body, and spirit soar. Don’t worry about fitting in; we are all unique!

I’d love to hear from you on this topic! What have you created for yourself that makes you feel good and helps you live your most magnificent life! Let me know!

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