My One Favorite Practice for Clarity and Self-Discovery

November 7, 2023

My One Favorite Practice for Clarity and Self-Discovery

Hi my friends,

Lately, in conversations with friends, I’ve found myself commenting often about the passage of time, and how elusive time feels, and even how time is slipping by at such a fast pace. To be honest, it’s felt hard for my mind to comprehend it all.

In the so called “normal times”, I often feel extra reflective when the seasons change, and as we start to ease out of Summer and into Fall, there’s so much that comes up for me regarding time: my relationship to it, how I want to spend it, where I’m wasting it, and and how it all makes me feel.

Whenever I catch myself in these reflective, but also uncertain loops, I know that it’s a signal for me to tap into my own clarity, intuition, and purpose. With so much happening in the world around us, I know that when I become still, the answers that I need are always here within me.

Journaling is the practice for me, that helps me to connect when I feel disconnected, uncover hidden truths, find direction when feeling lost, and remember what’s important when it all feels so confusing.

Journaling is the practice that soothes my soul, taps in to my intuition, and helps me to release anxious thoughts and worries.

Journaling is the practice of giving your thoughts a home.

Studies show that we have over 60,000 thoughts a day, many of them repetitive, and most of them negative in nature (that statistic alone makes me feel overwhelmed and confused). When we do not find a productive and tangible place for the negative thoughts, either in action or in practice, our mind will hold on to them tightly, and they will repeat as often as possible.

The practice of being cognizant and mindful of what you’re thinking, when you’re thinking it, and releasing it onto another medium, can bring a sense of clarity and newly found meaning.

Releasing your thoughts onto paper allows your mind to let go of the tightly held grasp of your thoughts. It puts your anxious mind at ease, knowing that you’ve acknowledged the thought, and you’ll take appropriate action with it.

Every night, I spend a few moments before bed, reflecting on my day. I put my pen to paper and allowing whatever thoughts arise to flow out of my mind, without attaching too much meaning or judgment on what comes out. Often times, the thoughts that come are the ones that I know are taking up too much space and not serving me. They’re the repetitive, negative ones, that hold me back and make me feel small.

Giving these thoughts a home allows me to create the mental space to clearly hold the vision of the hopes and desires that I wish for my life. It’s like skimming the top layer off, so that you can get to the goodness that lies just beneath the surface.

Which is why I love this practice so much. Journaling meets me where I am, allows me to be messy and authentic, and guides me to the truth, wherever it may be hidden, in any given day. It’s the perfect practice to encapsulate who I am in this moment, and to propel me to become who I wish to be.

I’m sending you lots of love in your own journey to self-discovery!

xo, Michelle

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