Choosing Love Over Fear

July 16, 2016

Choosing Love Over Fear

At the risk of starting to sound like a broken record, I write to you all on the heels of another very difficult week. I yet again had other plans for what I was going to say to you guys, but yet again felt called to scrap it based on the events playing out in front of us.

Week after week after week, we have seen some pretty horrific examples of humanity pitted against humanity. After every incident, I’ve gone through my range of emotions, I question why these things keep happening, I run through some pretty intense fear-based thoughts, I switch these thoughts back to love, and I bring myself back to my own sense of peace. That has been my process, and truthfully, it has worked pretty well for me thus far. This week however, I let the fear linger a little too long. I went a little too far down the rabbit hole of thinking, to where I was contemplating changing my life plans, canceling travel, and even for a split second, wishing harm to those who perpetuate this hate (I’m not perfect), but then I remembered that this way of thinking, this fear-based thinking, is exactly what feeds and creates the world we are living in now.

I keep coming back to what I believe is the root cause of all of this suffering:fear. Fear has separated us. Fear has made us question our differences. Fear has created hatred. Fear has built walls. Fear has skewed our truth. Fear has brought us to where we are today. I think about all the fear-based thoughts that I have on a daily basis, then I contemplate all the fear-based thoughts every person in this world must have on a daily basis, and immediately it is clear to me how we are in this dark spot that we are in.

Though fear has done all of these things that seem to be insurmountable, what is actually pretty cool about it all is that love (the thougths, the actions, the energy) can actually overcome it. The love that I’m speaking about is a continual, conscious choice; it’s a practice.

This week, I just encourage you to be mindful of your thoughts, begin to notice when fear creeps up, and consciously choose again. Take time to meditate or pray daily, be kind and compassionate to yourselves, and to others, be patient, be generous, be empowered, be courageous, and be confident that every little right thought and action you think and take, matters. It all matters. You might not think that even thinking a positive thought over a negative thought matters, but think about what the world would be like if we all just made that simple shift.

I know many of you feel helpless, I do at times, too. Go from helpless to empowered by knowing and trusting that your shifts create world shifts. Become part of the solution, do not perpetuate the problem. How will you choose love over fear this week? Let us all know in the comments below.

xoxo, Michelle

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