Chair Yoga Sequence by Michelle Maros

MichelleWelcome! This is a sequence with simple yoga poses you can do, while seated, at any point in your day. I have found that even the smallest movements throughout the day can be so beneficial for your health both mentally and physically. Please remember when practicing on your own to honor your bodies and back off of any poses where you experience any pain whatsoever. Remember to continue to breathe throughout each pose, go slowly, and give each action you do in your practice purpose.

Seated Mountain Pose
Sitting up straight in chair
Feet hip width distance apart
Let arms hang down at sides

Seated Cat and Cow
Tuck chin into chest
Arch spine up
Inhale- Cow
Look up
Spread shoulders apart, open chest

Standing in Balance
Standing up straight
Feet hip-width distance apart
Arms hanging at sides
Feet rooted into the ground

Standing Half Moon
Grab left wrist with right hand
Push hips out to left
Pull arms towards the right
Feel stretch along side body
Repeat on the other side

Forward Fold
Feet hip width distance apart
Grab opposite elbows
Let head hang heavy

Leg Extensions
Extend one leg out in front of you
Flex and point your toes
Do ankle rolls in each direction
Repeat on other leg

Seated twist
Feet hip-width distance apart
Right hand right hip, left hand right knee
Lengthen spine
Twist to the right
Release back to center
Do the same on other side

Neck Stretches
Neck rolls
Gently roll neck in circles
Neck side stretches
Place right hand on top of head at left ear
Gently use pressure to pull head towards the right shoulder
Feeling stretch along the left side of the neck
Repeat on other side

Arm and Wrist Stretches
Extend arms out in front of you with hands interlaced
Tuck chin into chest
Arch spine and pull arms away from body
Feel release in upper spine
Separate wrist rolls and stretches
Use left hand to flex and point right wrist
Roll right wrist in circles in each direction
Repeat with left wrist

Chest Expansion
Interlace hands behind head for support
Lift chest upwards feeling extension and stretching in spine and shoulders

Bent Knee into Chest
Interlace hands over right knee
Use arm strength to bring knee in towards chest
Feeling stretch in hips and hip flexors
Gently lower right leg back down to ground
Repeat using left knee

Separate Leg Stretching
Widen legs to about the width of chair legs
Place hands gently on top of knees
Lengthen spine upwards
Rotate to face left knee
Press into right hand, lowering right shoulder
Release, come back to center
Repeat on other side

Seated Forward Fold
Bring feet closer together
With a flat spine, hinge at hips
Walk hands down legs to a where you find resistance
If comfortable resting hands on the ground
Take deep breaths here
Slowly roll up, walking your hands back up your legs

Seated Upward Handstand
Raise arms up to either sides of your head
Reaching towards the ceiling, lengthen spine
Interlace hands behind head,
Expand chest
Look upwards

Seated Cross-Legged Spine Twist
Cross right leg over left
Bring left hand to right knee
Right hand grabs side of chair
Lengthen spine
Twist to right
Release to center
Repeat to other side

Seated Savasana/ Corpse Pose
Sitting comfortably in chair
Let go of all muscle tension
Close eyes and focus on breath
Notice sensations in body
Allow body to relax and rest before getting up from practice

If you have any questions on the stretches or concepts we discussed here, please feel free to contact me.
Michelle Maros

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