Celebration of Earth Day



As a young child in elementary school, I often looked forward to Earth Day. It was always a celebration of the beautiful planet we inhabit, and even at an early age I could see the value in appreciating and preserving our Earth. When we think of Earth Day, our minds often go towards planting a new tree and being more mindful of recycling. I think it’s time to incorporate more facets into this celebration of Earth. Earth Day can be such a lovely lesson this month, as we take this time to remind ourselves of how truly magnificent this life is. Be present this week, and keep these three concepts in mind, as we celebrate the Earth and all it’s awe-inspiring abundance.

Compassion- Be sensitive to all living creatures. We are all divine light. Show love, and you will receive love. Take this week to add more compassion into your daily routine.

Consciousness- Be present to the earth and all it’s elements. Take joy in all of the Earth’s beauty. Incorporate healthy and environment benefitting habits into your life. Reduce your carbon footprint; know the impact you have on the world.

Unity- Look at the bigger picture. You are part of a whole. You are an important piece to the puzzle of the universe. Everyone and everything has importance in this life, so cherish and give thanks to all that is around you.

What will you do this week to celebrate the Earth and all that is within it? Is there something you partake in each year that resonates with you? Let us know!

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