How Can You Be of Service?

September 21, 2014

How Can You Be of Service?

We’ve spent a lot of time over the past couple months really valuing self-love, healing, and acceptance. These concepts are all super important for living a happy, healthy, and thriving life. However, there is another component to be discussed in regards to making your life count and giving your life purpose. Selfless service. We all want to know what the purpose of life is, what we’re meant to do and who we’re meant to be. We all specifically have gifts and talents that we desire to share with the world, aiding and strengthening our purposes. In my humble opinion, however, the overarching purpose of life is to be of service, spread love, and help others.

When we think of selfless service, our minds generally gear towards doing manual community service hours to be of aid, and that’s great. In reality, there are so many ways we can all be of help, and that’s what makes life so much fun. If you’re wondering how you can be of service in your life, check out these tips below and start spreading that love and wisdom you have to give to this world!

  • What are you passionate about? Is there a cause or charity that you feel a deep need to support? Get creative and find ways to lend a hand to an existing non-profit or project.
  • Stemming off #1 above, is there a cause that you feel needs a voice? Be that voice! If you truly feel compelled to action, get going and start a movement. Most of the major, groundbreaking movements of change in our time have started from one person, with one goal or passion.
  • Be the source of light in your workplace. Whether you’re a yoga teacher or an investment banker, the day-to-day grind of life can be stressful. Help ease stress and tension in your workplace by being a beacon of light, shining patience, understanding, and confidence to all you see.
  • Have compassion for all you encounter on a daily basis. There is so much negativity and anger in the world. Wouldn’t it be great if day-by-day you brightened someone’s day just by being pleasant and compassionate? You don’t have to take large actions, just small meaningful steps. A simple smile at a stranger or holding the door for someone in a rush has such an impact.

How do you serve in this world? There are so many ways; I’d love to hear from you! Keep the conversation going in the comments below!

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