The #1 Lesson I Learned in Relationships

Hi dear friends, After over two years of pandemic living, I finally decided to take some real time “away” and unplug. As we all are aware, life has felt uncertain and upside down during these times, and for me, the idea of a real vacation seemed like something so out...

6 Simple Tools I Use to Manage Frustration

Dear friends, I don’t know if this resonates with all of you (I mean, I hope it does), but these past few months have felt intense. Can you relate? I’m not sure if there’s something happening in the cosmos, on this planet, or just in my small life sphere, but...

How I Get Myself Out of Ruts

Dear friends, There’s something to be said, and benefits to be listed, about having a really solid routine in life. I know I tend to function and operate at my best capacity when I have good, healthy habits in place, and my routine feels solid and fulfilling. I could write...

10 Tips for Effective Communication

Dear friends, I want to talk about communication today, and why I think many, many of our problems could be mitigated or lessened if we mastered it in an aligned way. The other day I was catching up with a friend, who was telling a story about how she felt...

The Life Changing Practice of Surrender

My dear friends, This week I want to share some thoughts I have with you about the practice of surrender. As much as we may wish otherwise, life is completely unpredictable and uncontrollable, and I know this year has proven this to be completely true. As the days and weeks...

5 Affirmations for Summertime Self-Love

My dear friends, With the rising temperatures and changing schedules, the summer season is upon us. I always loved summertime as a kid, it felt so lighthearted, careless, and free. Even though life doesn’t always allow us that same sense of childlike joy, it is possible to conscientiously cultivate a...

Editors Pick

The Practice by Barb Schmidt

Barb offers readers life-changing spiritual guidance in an easy to follow format, and what makes this book so magnificent is that she has infused her own stories and struggles to help readers connect and learn.
Gabrielle Bernstein, New York Times bestselling author of May Cause Miracles