Be The Boss of Your Own Life

April 20, 2014

Be The Boss of Your Own Life

We all go through stages of life with bosses for each of our jobs. Someone who keeps us on track, day in and day out, makes sure we get our jobs done, and ensures our productivity. Much like in our professional lives, we also have a boss of our personal lives, and guess what, that person is you! You are your own boss in your job called life, and it is up to you to hold yourself accountable and keep up with your own personal standards.

A quote that has really been popping into my brain lately is one from Mary Oliver. “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” Every time I think about it, I stop what I’m doing and really contemplate what those words mean. When stated in this way, we can really start to grasp the magnificence and importance of each and every life on this Earth, and also realize that it is up to you how you live your life. Part of being on a spiritual path is striving to live our lives in alignment with our highest selves and living our lives with purpose. This is our job on this Earth.

Holding this intention for life, it’s important to remember that we are the bosses of this job, and thus we must keep ourselves in check throughout our time here. While we know we cannot control outside factors, we can control our thoughts and actions, and so we must be aware and proactive of how we navigate through this life we have.

If you’re needing a manual on “being your own boss 101,” check out these tips below to make sure you keep yourself in check, so that you can live your life to its highest purpose and greatest good for yourself, and for the world around you.

  1. Find out who you are, and stand strong in it. We think we have to blend in with the crowd or tone ourselves down to be normal. On this path, once you’ve really come to find your true self, don’t try to hide it! Stand firmly in the person that you are meant to be right here right now. Connect with yourself, go inward, and really get to know you.
  2. Be aware of what is and isn’t in alignment with your highest and greatest good. After getting in tune with yourself, you’ll start to sift out people, places, foods, and situations that just don’t mesh with you. Follow your gut instinct on this and be aware of what doesn’t feel right for you.
  3. Know your boundaries. A truly important part of living life is knowing where you stand, and where you draw the line. Everyone is different, but being clear about what you will and will not tolerate or be around will help keep you on the right track.
  4. Find a spiritual buddy or mentor to help keep you on track. Support is so important on an emotional, spiritual, and energetic level. We are more likely to stay on the right path when we have someone else to report back to.
  5. Figure out what you want, and give it all you’ve got. You only have this one precious life. What kind of mark do you want to leave? Follow your passion, explore your purpose, and dive right in to being the person that you were meant to be on this Earth.

How do you hold yourselves accountable for your life? What tools keep you on track? Let me know!


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