April Peacemaker Spotlight: Anne Marie Imperiale


Welcome to our new monthly blog, highlighting peacemakers doing good in the world! We love so much hearing your stories and seeing how you make a difference in your lives and of those around you. We are creating a movement of peace and love in this world!

April’s Peacemaker spotlight is Anne Marie Imperiale, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to share her wisdom with you. I have personally known Anne Marie for a few years now, and she has without a doubt changed my life in so many ways. Anne Marie is a life coach and teacher of A Course in Miracles. I am grateful for her for many reasons, but mostly for opening the doors and opening my eyes to this important metaphysical text. She has taught me so much about choosing love over fear, having faith, and surrendering to life’s plans.

I was able to chat with Anne Marie to get some inspirational treats for you guys, so keep reading to see our Q&A. Enjoy learning about this amazing miracle worker!

xoxo, Michelle

PMPL: What does the phrase Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life mean to you?

AMI: I believe that a place of unshakable peace lives inside each of us. When we take responsibility for nurturing this place of peace and make it our center of gravity, the experience of our lives dramatically changes as a direct result. We become the calm in the middle of the storm.

PMPL: What is your favorite inspiring quote?

AMI: “Only to the extent that we expose ourselves over and over to annihilation can that which is indestructible in us be found.” Pema Chodron.

It reminds us that we must let our false sense of self crumble over and over again to get in touch with the only part of us that’s real. This is the space of miracles and unlimited possibility.

PMPL: What A Course in Miracles lesson has affected you the most?

AMI: Lesson 182: I will be still in an instant and go home.

This lesson speaks of a longing that we have for a home we have not yet found because we have searched for it outside of ourselves. This home can only be found by going inside and connecting with our spirit. This lesson helps us to understand and experience that everything we will ever need is inside of us. The source of all love is inside of us. We need only call upon it and remember that this is our truth.

PMPL: What is your daily spiritual practice?

AMI: I try to meditate for 20 minutes before I get out of bed in the morning. Immediately after, I mentally set my intentions for the day and most importantly how I would like to feel. I say this prayer from A Course in Miracles, “If I make no decisions by myself, this is the day that will be given me.” And I turn my will over to my higher self.

I find it is helpful to treat each day as my spiritual practice. Whatever occurs, am I in judgment or am I the non-judgmental witness? Simple awareness throughout your day can be a spiritual practice in itself.

PMPL: How do you stay positive when you feel like life throws you curveballs?

AMI: When something happens that I do not like, I ask these 2 questions: “If this situation or circumstance was an opportunity to heal something, within me what might that be?” And, “How can I use this situation as an opportunity to remember the truth of who I am?”

Treat every curveball as alarm bell to remember the truth of your being. You are a part of the divine. You are peace. You are love.

More About Anne Marie:
Anne Marie is a New York City based transformational life coach, spiritual mentor, and teacher and student of A Course in Miracles. By teaching people how to connect to their highest truth and inner wisdom, she guides them to discover and strengthen their unique spiritual connection. Anne Marie specializes in helping her clients break through their personal blocks and thinking addictions while guiding them to experience the life of their dreams built on a foundation of unshakable happiness, peace, and purpose. Blending her empathic and intuitive nature with spiritual tools, she holds a safe space for her clients to face their fears with love and heal from the inside out.

She is professionally trained as a coach by IPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) and is a graduate of Spirit Junkie Master Class levels 1 and 2 as taught by Gabrielle Bernstein.

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