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Today marks the launch of my dear friend, mentor, and teacher, Kathryn Budig’s, new book Aim True. Before you quickly exit out of this post thinking it’s strictly for sales purposes, I urge you to give me a few moments to explain why I’m so passionate about this woman and this book.

I was first attracted to Kathryn a few years ago, while going through my own trials and tribulations in life. Kathryn’s authenticity, confidence, unwavering sense of purpose, and infectious smile reflected back to me all the things I truly desired in life. I’m one of those people that pursues that which makes me feel alive, and so I began to follow Kathryn’s work, attend workshops, and have gotten to know her on a personal level. When I first received my copy of Aim True a few weeks ago, I devoured it in one night. I felt like she was speaking directly to me, giving me sage advice and mentoring me through life. Her new book is more than yoga and food; it’s a lifestyle. Kathryn truly embodies what we feel Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life is striving to achieve in this world.

I had the chance to chat with Kathryn and ask her a few questions about her new book and her aim true philosophy to share some fun stuff with you guys! Keep reading to check it out and be sure to grab a copy of her book today!


PMPL: At Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life we encourage readers to find a daily practice and practice it. What are some of your “must-dos” every day, and how to you keep yourself on track with your busy schedule?

KB: I believe in practicing daily intentions and actions, but stay careful not to say I MUST do something everyday, as it often leads to disappointment. For example, I would love to meditate, practice yoga or sweat every single day, but often on a busy travel or work day it doesn’t fit in. Those are the days where I remind myself and others to do your best—set your intention, stick to it, and then make the most out of the situation you’ve been given. It might mean taking deep breaths, being okay with a few stretches or allowing yourself the time to unplug and rest.

PMPL: We love the concept of “aiming true”, what would you suggest to someone who desires the clarity to find their “target” in life or to someone who feels like they lack their “purpose”?

KB: It begins with being honest with yourself about what makes you absolutely amazing and unique. It’s so crucial that we understand our talents, otherwise we can’t make use of them. I’d suggest making a list of 5 amazing qualities you possess along with a list of what you’re incredibly passionate about. Then it’s time to connect the dots to see how your talent can support your passion to create your purpose.

PMPL: Self-love is so important, as you already know as the first chapter of Aim True is entitled “Love Who You Are Right Now”. This seems to be so hard for so many of us to simply love and accept who we are in this moment. What are some easy ways to bring ourselves back to love when we get particularly hard on ourselves?

KB: I like to remind myself in low moments that happily ever after doesn’t mean you’re always happy during each chapter. Our lives are full of highs and lows, but each experience, moment and person serves a purpose to bring us to our happiness. This simple acknowledgment helps me in my moments of confusion, or when I’ve been treading water in the unknown for too long.

I personally use this mantra (and have written it on my bathroom mirror) in moments of struggling with accepting my body:

I am perfect.
I am beautiful.
I am not my body.


PMPL: All the healthy recipes in your book look amazing! We can’t wait to get in the kitchen and try some out! What is your favorite or go-to meal to cook?

KB: I’m currently on a major spaghetti squash kick! It’s the perfect grain replacement. I’ll roast it and add a lovely sauce or some kind of delicious protein on top. When I’m tight on time, I’ll pick up a rotisserie chicken and roast some tomatoes along with the squash. I’ll toss it all together with fresh herbs and really good extra virgin olive oil. BOOM.

PMPL: We often hear you speak so highly of your tribe and those who support you fiercely. What an amazing gift to have people who are in your corner no matter what. What is your advice to those looking to attract like-minded individuals to create their own tribe?

KB: A huge (and difficult) step is to clear your space. Once you’re on your path to aiming true and you’re embracing your talents, people who you once thought supported you might start to turn. Even though it’s painful, be okay with plucking the poisonous situations and people out of your life. Once you do this, the French doors to your real tribe will swing wide open and you’ll summon your support system.

Thank you Kathryn for chatting with us! We can’t wait to watch the amazing success of Aim True!

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