6 Things to Remember When Hurting

July 5, 2023

6 Things to Remember When Hurting

My dear friend,

I share this week’s blog with the intention and deep knowing that for so many of us, life has been incredibly challenging over these past few years. Whether you are hurting from the events of the world, or having personal difficulties, it is hard sometimes to see the light when the darkness can feel so dense.

This week I am not going into the details of how even the darkest times have meaning; that’s for our discussion another day. Today I want to share six of my go-to simple reminders to help you ease what you may be going through and promote a sense of peace and well-being. Life, though filled with lessons, is meant to be enjoyable and fun!

So here you go affirmations to remember that can bring you back to the joy in painful periods. These bring me back home every time.

1. Life is constantly changing. What you are experiencing now will not be forever. Feel whatever feelings are coming up for you, but don’t dwell in negativity.

2. All periods in life have purpose, and without the valleys, we would not appreciate the peaks. Contrast in life gives life meaning.

3. You can take back your power by remembering that your thoughts are constantly creating your reality. Begin to notice what your thinking and ask yourself, “Are these thoughts true? What do I choose to create for this day, and my life?”

4. No matter what, there is always a takeaway from every situation. Everything that life brings us is an opportunity to learn and grow.

5. Be gentle with yourself. You are doing the best you can in this very moment. Judging and being hard on yourself won’t make the pain go away any faster. The judgment will actually keep you stuck in your feelings of sadness and pain longer.

6. You are never alone. Don’t be afraid to speak up when things feel too hard. Asking for help, especially from the people who care about you, does not make you weak.

I hope these powerful reminders bring you a sense of ease and peace. Remember my friends we are all in the same boat.

I would love to hear what you guys rely on when times are tough. Let’s keep the inspiration going in the comments below!

xo, Michelle

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