5 ways to propel your life even when you feel stuck


I truly believe that one of life’s most beautiful purposes is to continue to grow and learn as we walk through our paths of life. I also believe that every situation, every relationship, and even every hardship teaches us lessons that make us into the amazing people that we are meant to be. Sometimes, we can get so determined to grow and progress in life that we can actually notice when we feel stuck or in a rut. When we have the awareness of how we would like to live our lives; high ideals we wish to achieve, it can sometimes feel difficult to find acceptance in the present moment and what life consists of right now. Luckily, this week I have some meaningful, fun tips for you on how to keep moving your life forward, even when it feels hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Let’s face it, we know that life is all about the journey, not the destination, so let’s discus how to make that journey the best it can be.

  1. Get clear by connecting. Clarity is one of the most important qualities to have when striving to create your best life. When we are unclear about what we truly desire, we sent out mixed messages to the Universe. The best way to gain clarity? Connect with yourself. Spend time with yourself in meditation and in mindfulness practices to access that space within you that knows your truest desires.
  2. Set goals that set your soul on fire. Once you have connected with yourself, you can start to determine what it is that you really, really want. What is the highest ideal for your life? What would make you happy in the truest sense of the word? When you start aligning with the desires that make you feel good, you set yourself up for forward moving success. Follow what feels good for your soul. When I say “feel good” I mean what warms your heart and lights you up inside!
  3. Take actions that excite you. How many times do we do things that we don’t want to do, just for the sake of doing it? While I completely understand that there are some tasks at hand that are necessary in life that aren’t always pleasurable, or things we do for the purpose of serving those closest to us; but I do believe it’s important to take actions in life that make us happy, that are in our best interest as a loving human being. Just like the steps above of clarity and high-vibe goals, what inspired actions can you take that will take you in the direction of your dreams. This could be as simple as a walk in nature, to enrolling in a fun creative class, to as drastic as moving cross-country to live in the city that lights you up.
  4. Find value and meaning in the present moment. When we are so focused on the goal or the outcome, we can forget to find the joy and value of what is happening right in front of us in the present moment. Don’t future trip. Lovingly bring yourself back to what is, and be open and receptive to what life is bringing you right now. Whatever is happening for you in this moment will help you get to where you want to go, make the choices you need to make, and be the person you want to be. When you find happiness and gratitude in the present moment, you will reach your goals that much faster.
  5. Trust in the process. Perhaps the biggest factor in creating a life you love is trust. When you have done all the steps above and are still feeling like life isn’t heading in the direction you want it to, or maybe not in the timing you would like, the greatest thing you can do is trust and have faith. When you do the work, when you have connected, when you have set the stage for success and it is all in alignment with your highest and greatest good, the Universe will have your back. You next action is to have faith. Set reminders for yourself, write it down in your notebook, do what you need to do to remember that faith will bring you the life you desire, in perfect timing.

I hope these steps are helpful for you in propelling your life forward, even when it seems difficult! I would love to hear your stories of success in the comments below! Let’s keep the conversation going!

Love, Michelle

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