5 Ways to Make Reading for Inspiration a Part of Your Life

March 22, 2021

5 Ways to Make Reading for Inspiration a Part of Your Life

Hi my dear friends,

I spent this past weekend reflecting on my favorite books. The books that inspire and nourish me to be the greatest version of my truest Self. The books that I read for inspiration educate and encourage me to walk my path with confidence, integrity, and resilience.

One of our main missions of Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life is to give simple tools for every day living to find inner peace, success, and happier lives. Every week, in every blog, I strive to pass along little tidbits for you to take into your lives, and incorporate them as you wish.

One practice that I have found so meaningful and helpful for me on my spiritual path is reading for inspiration. There is something very magical about reading inspirational words from people striving to lead their best lives possible, leading by example.

Whenever I feel disheartened, stuck, or overwhelmed, I will pick up a truly inspired book, and it brings me back to my confident, happy, motivated place. My thoughts come back in alignment with my truest Self, and I feel more confident and trusting of life and myself.

What’s so nice about this type of reading is you get to decide what you want to read. It’s personal and something that you can do in your own time, and in your own way. Sound good? Great!

Let’s get started and get inspired!

1. Make a list of topics or ideas that are of interest to you. Whether you want to dive more into meditation or maybe learn about the power of your thoughts, find subject matter that stimulates your mind and makes you want to learn more. When you are truly invested and interested in something, you will be more motivated in reading and gathering more knowledge.

2. Do some research; explore your options. Go on the Internet, talk to your friends, read online reviews about books that are of interest to you.

3. Find authors whose messages resonate with you. Life is all about trial and error and finding a good inspirational book is no exception. Often when the title, or the first line of a book speaks straight to your heart, you’ve more than likely found a book for you!

4. Be prepared and keep a good stock of books to have with you at all times. Having an awesome library of books waiting to be read makes this tool so much easier. When something is right in front of you, you tend to use it more. Especially when you are in crisis it helps to have this “friend” there to the rescue.

5. Make your books your travel companions; carry them along with you as you go. I always like to have some sort of inspirational book with me when I travel. Whether commuting on a train or flying someplace new, reading always helps me feel at ease.

Does reading for inspiration interest you?  Do you feel like it could benefit your day-to-day life? Are there certain books or authors you are interested in reading? Let us know!

We have a fun gift for you! (I love coloring and I hope you do too!)

Wishing you the most beautiful week.

xo, Michelle

Click here for three free reading for inspiration printable worksheets that you can use to keep track of your reading this year. One is blank for you to write in the titles of books as you complete them, the second one has a list of some of our favorite books for you to color each one in after you read it, and the third is an example that we colored in for you. Click here to download and print them!

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