5 Ways to Add Meditation Into Your Day

September 1, 2013

Add Meditation to Your Day

Each week we discuss ways to live a more peaceful life. One of the more important aspects of peaceful living that we discuss is highlighting the importance and benefits of a daily meditation practice. We’ve learned that just five minutes every morning of silence and stillness can create such a ripple effect of positivity in our daily lives. Being mindful and present can help you be more productive and better prepared for what life has to throw at you. Simply put, meditation matters.

Keeping this in mind, what if I challenged you to bring a meditative outlook to all activities you partake in daily? Your meditation doesn’t have to just be for five minutes in the morning on your meditation pillow; it can literally be anywhere. Meditation can transcend any aspect of our lives, if we let it. Essentially, meditation is concentration, one-pointed attention, not letting your mind wander.

This week, think outside of the box and find different ways to incorporate meditation into your lives. If you’re stuck, check out some suggestions for you below:

1. Meditation while brushing your teeth. Really focus on what you’re actually doing while brushing your teeth. Look at yourself in the mirror. Be loving with yourself and not in a rush to get through this task. Remind yourself that this is an act of self- love and you are taking care of a vital part of your body.

2. Meditation while driving your car. Be present to all that is around you while on the road. Try driving in silence and place your cell phone in a place where you can’t access it. Focus on your breath and work on not letting the acts of other drivers on the road bother you. You can only control yourself. Be still and present to knowing that you are safely transporting yourself from one place to another without distraction.

3. Meditation while typing an email to coworkers. Give your thoughts and words one hundred percent of your attention as you correspond with others at your place of work. By being present in your words, even if they are through the Internet, the recipient will be able to tell the depth and truth behind them. Just like you would look a person in the eye while speaking with them directly, give your correspondence the same amount of care and consideration.

4. Meditation while exercising. A great way to meditate in your day, allow your exercise to be an open-eyed meditation. Whether you are doing cardio, lifting weights, or in a yoga class, practice making each move you make have purpose. Incorporate your breath with your movements and let your body flow effortlessly.

5. Meditation while cooking. Making your meals doesn’t have to be filled with stress and expectations. Pay attention step by step and witness what you are creating to nourish your body. Cooking can be very meditative. Try to push away other distractions and send love and positive energy into the foods you are preparing for you and your loved ones.

Each of these activities are wonderful examples of how we can be focused and learn to still the mind and be present. Of course, there are infinite amounts of ways to do this, but these should give you a head start. Let us know how you do with this, and if you have come up with some other fun ways of incorporating meditation into your day! We love hearing from you!

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