5 Tips for Managing Post-Pandemic Anxiety

May 10, 2021

5 Tips for Managing Post-Pandemic Anxiety

Hi my sweet friends!

I want to talk about some things that have been coming up for me lately, especially as we start to move into this new chapter of the pandemic. I know that for so long (well over a year), we have been wondering and agonizing over when life will return to a sense of normalcy. So much has changed, so much time has passed, and naturally, it has impacted us on a deep level.

For much of this pandemic, the narrative has been one of yearning for that old way of life and anxiously awaiting the time where life is fully open and looks like a semblance of normalcy. What I’ve started to notice within myself, is a lingering anxiety of life going back to normal. And because this strays a bit from the “normal” narrative, my anxiety increases.

What I mean by this is, of course, I am thrilled that we are starting to have a handle on the virus and that the trauma and loss can decline. But as someone who found some silver linings in a slower paced lifestyle, the looming sense of the old fast-paced living gives me pause, as to how I, personally, want to move forward.

The silver linings, that do not in any way minimize the extreme loss and devastation of this pandemic, that I found over the past year,  have been the ability to set more aligned boundaries, to have more “me time”, to prioritize my self-care and happiness, and to not feel so much external pressure. The awareness I have of all of this, will help me greatly in this new chapter. I can incorporate what I’ve learned this past year, and bring it with me as we enter this new chapter.

And so can you!

I’ve listed five helpful reminders for you, for if and when you’re feeling a bit anxious or overwhelmed by lifestyle shifts. I hope they bring you peace, confidence, and clarity.

1. Know that you can go at your own pace. The world always keeps on turning and life moves forward, but you have the power to make choices based on your own best interest. If you’re not ready to resume some of the practices you put on pause last year, know that that is okay, and that you can take your time as you re-enter the world again.

2. Remember that your boundaries are still valid. This past year was a great teacher in the importance of boundaries, and so many of us learned deeply how to enact them and enforce them. Just because life is more “open” now, doesn’t mean that you have to abandon your own personal limits. Remember to continue to vocalize and act on your own personal boundaries, they are always valid, regardless of what’s happening in the world.

3. Release the need to compare yourself to others. I know that this is something we do in all aspects of life, but try not to walk in other people’s shoes as we move through this period of time. Just because other people are doing things or planning things, doesn’t mean that you have to, too. Remember that this is your power: to make choices that are aligned for your highest good.

4. Honor yourself and your feelings. It’s okay to have conflicting feelings during this time, you can be excited and scared and worried and overwhelmed. We’ve all been through so much, and no one will have the same experience. Try not to judge yourself for the feelings that arise, and take good care of you as you move through this moment.

5. Speak your truth and communicate clearly. What tends to bring me most of my anxiety is when I swallow my truth and avoid speaking my needs. The people in our lives aren’t mind readers, and everyone is living life through their own unique lens. If there’s something you need or don’t need, try your best to communicate it in a kind way. Respect, trust, and a sense of ease, come when we openly and honestly communicate with one another.

Sending you all so much happiness, safety, and love in this new chapter.

xo, Michelle

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