5 Tips for Better Sleep

December 2, 2018

5 Tips for Better Sleep

One of the best tools I’ve gained since being on a spiritual path is simple awareness. Like I’ve said in the past, I don’t try to be perfect, but I try to be mindful and aware of my life, my habits, and make conscious choices on how I can lead the healthiest, happiest possible life. I’ve learned to notice signs and symptoms from my body when I’m not taking the best care of myself.

Lately, I’ve been feeling exhausted and totally drained, everyday. I wake up not feeling rested, wanting to continuously hit the snooze button on my alarm clock. Sleep is so important to me. I literally can not function without good sleep. Since I’m practicing mindfulness and awareness, I started to ask myself, “What am I doing to inhibit my sleep?” I choose to take responsibility of my health and decided to incorporate some of these habits into my life to get my sleep, health, and vitality back on track.

If you are feeling the lag of not getting restful, meaningful sleep, try incorporating some of these tips into your day-to-day routine. Be mindful! See what works for you, and let me know how it goes for you! We all know how proper sleep leads to so many health benefits. Let’s make sleep a priority this week!

  1. Meditate daily. There is a plethora of health benefits from meditation. It’s like a reset for the mind, body and spirit. A daily meditation practice, even for just a few minutes can help you feel more centered, rested and at peace.
  2. Stay hydrated. Now that we are in the colder, drier months of winter, it’s extra important to make sure you’re drinking enough water. Many times I find myself up in the middle of the night feeling parched and not well if I haven’t had enough water the night before. I try to have a bottle of water with me at all times to drink up throughout the day!
  3. Avoid eating or drinking any stimulating substances at night. Be mindful of what you consume a few hours before bed. For me, going to sleep on an extra full stomach and eating heavy foods disrupts my sleep. Also, if you’re sensitive to caffeine, avoid stimulants like coffee or even chocolate before bedtime so you’re not wide-awake when it’s time for sleep.
  4. Disconnect! One hour before bedtime, try disconnecting from all technology. The lights from our phones, computers, and televisions have an effect on our sleeping patterns. Try this for a week, and see how it works for you.
  5. Journal. If you’re wondering how you can spend those few minutes before you go into your restful slumber without technology, journaling is a great healthy tool to try. Many of us feel we have difficulty even falling asleep due to the restless mind and its incessant thoughts. Journaling is a great way to release those thoughts and go to sleep with a clear head. For a few minutes each night, put pen to paper and let the ink flow without editing your thoughts or words.

I hope you find these tips helpful so that you can have the dreamiest sleep, every night! Keep me posted in the comments below!

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