5 Tips for Cultivating Inner Strength


This week I want to talk about the word strength. and what I believe it means to be strong. Often when we hear the word strong, we think of muscle and physical capability. Today I will talking about inner strength and mental toughness. While the physical is certainly important, and I’ll leave you be with your favorite personal trainers and fitness experts for cultivating strength of body, I believe that inner strength is the solid foundation on which we create our very best lives.

We all want to be strong, confident, and happy, but at times it can feel challenging. How can we strengthen the part of our lives that we can’t physically see? How do we know all of our hard inner work is actually working?

This week I am here to give you your inner workout plan. True strength is achievable, and when attained, you will notice the fabulous benefits that we all desire coming true in your life.

Ready for training? Let’s go!

  1. Strengthen your mind muscle with daily meditation. Think of meditation as the gym for your brain. This is a practice where you do the work, and it can be the challenging part of cultivating strength. Our minds are meant to think, yet we have allowed them to fall into sometimes addictive and unhealthy thought patterns. It is in meditation where we “go against the grain” of these patterns, and create new, healthy ones. Again, just like the gym, start small, and start where you are. Carve out a portion of your day that is manageable and sustainable for you. Close your eyes and breathe. Be in the present moment, and when the mind wanders, bring it back. These are your mental “reps” to build your strength.
  2. Find flexibility in your ability to go with the flow. When we are strong mentally, we have trust and faith in the natural unfolding of life. While it’s important to have goals and ideals, it’s also equally important to be open to the infinite possibilities of the universe. Mental flexibility comes from the awareness attained through meditation. When you are the witness of your thoughts, you have the ability to choose the thoughts that you want to occupy space in your mind. With this training you become aware that you can choose to be non-attached to life’s disappointments and stress.
  3. Know your limits. Intend to get to know yourself. Be curious with what you will and will not put up with in life. Know deeply your standards and morals; what is absolutely non-negotiable. When you are clear, set the boundaries necessary to keep what you value safe.
  4. Be Consistent. Consistency is key. Just like in the physical realm, you have to keep practicing to see results, so this is also true here. You would not do 100 sit-ups in one day for the whole month and expect a six-pack; just like you would not take a month’s worth of vitamin supplements in one day. A practice is every single day. To experience the benefits, you actually have to put in the time daily. This doesn’t mean that is has to perfect, or an unmanageable amount of time for your schedule. It just means that the intention should be there to do something every single day.
  5. Realize setbacks will only make you stronger. Sometimes we get down on ourselves for skipping workouts or eating unhealthy foods. The same goes for our inner work. Don’t beat yourself up when you slip up on your practice, or when you’re not present, or when life seems really difficult. Rely on the foundation that you have built. Remember that there is always something to learn from every situation, and you can always choose your reaction to life’s circumstances. If you don’t get the results you were looking for, next time you can choose again. It’s in these life circumstances where you find true power and strength.

I hope this mental fitness routine is helpful for you in tapping into your true strength!

I would love to hear how this goes for you.

What is your inner strength routine? Keep me posted in the comments below!

xoxo, Michelle

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