5 Things to Stop Doing…Right Now


This week’s blog is going to be short and sweet. Sometimes, I think it’s really effective! I’ve been taking a lot of time to go inward and reflect and journal lately, even more than usual. I’ve had a lot of ideas and really important lessons spring to mind because of it. When I learn something, I feel it so necessary to share with you. Sometimes so many words can water down the message, so here it is.

Five things that I’m vying to stop in my life, and things that I’m sure we could all stand to cut back on.
Check it out!

1. Comparing yourself to others, and that you have to be like everyone else. You don’t have to be like everyone else, darling. You’re unique for a reason. Don’t compare, don’t judge, just be.

2. Thinking that you’re always doing something “wrong”. We get into the headspace that we are always doing things wrong and that we have to fix ourselves. Did you ever stop to think that the things you’re doing “wrong” are part of the path to doing things a little more right? It’s all for a purpose.

3. Believing life and the Universe do not love and fully support you. The Universe will support you as much as you are open and willing to trust and be supported. We all have the ability and capability of feeling and being this way. Open up to it.

4. Thinking that you are not enough right this very minute. Let’s live a life of abundance, shall we? The first step in that is believing that you are deserving and that you are enough, right in this very minute. You are not lacking anything; you are whole and complete.

5. Believing that you can not have what you desire. We are powerful beings; we can co-create anything we desire. Want to bring something into your life? Get clear, take action towards bringing it in, and allow the Universe to help you manifest. Keep the faith.

I hope this inspires you to cut some of these negative mental habits out of your life. Starting today! What else can you commit to today that will bring you happiness and inner peace? Let me know in the comments?

xoxo Michelle

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