5 Things To Remember When Life Isn’t Where You Want It To Be

June 20, 2023

5 Things To Remember When Life Isn’t Where You Want It To Be

My dear friends,

All of us have goals, wishes, hopes, and dreams for our lives. We are taught to envision what we want, and always be working towards that vision. It’s a beautiful practice to get clear and act in alignment. Sometimes though, you can feel like you’ve done all the “things”, know what you want, and still haven’t quite found or achieved that “thing” that you’re moving towards. This week, I want to share that it’s normal to feel this way. Life is not about instant gratification, and if someone is selling you that idealized version of life, they may be deceiving you.

I’ve gone through many ups and downs in my viewpoint of the timeline of my life. I can hit acceptance and hopelessness in the same week. The thing I know for certain is that each and every one of us have a unique life timeline. It can not or will not look like anyone else’s. What I also know is that we really have no control on how things will unfold in our lives. Sure, we can influence, but ultimately life is about easing back into a state of active surrender, and continuing to show up, daily.

With all this being said, I know how painful it feels to not be where you “think” you should be in life. It’s an agonizing mental loop that makes us feel like we’re off track, done something wrong, or even worse, that we somehow deserve a life less worthy than others.

Life really is a journey, and the destination is how we show up each and every day. The truth is, every day is a gift, and we are not promised a tomorrow. There will never be a time that we “have it all at once”, so we might as well shift our focus and outlook to embrace whatever it is we have in the now.

I wanted to share some reminders with you all this week for when you start to feel this way. Especially now, in the state of constant social media screen time, and comparison to others at an all-time high, we need these reminders in our back pockets because we most certainly need them in this unpredictable world that we live in.


1. Remember, just because you feel stuck now, does not mean you’ll feel this way forever.

It’s really easy to get down on ourselves when we don’t perform or achieve as fast as we think we should. In reality, life doesn’t turn over as fast as we would like for it to. This certainly does not mean that we have failed or are incapable of achieving what we would like to in life. All we have to do is move through the pause, and remember what it is that we truly desire to create in life.


2. Remember, life doesn’t always have to be in the timing and the speed that we think it should be.

Often times I think I’m “stuck” when really I’m just in a slower paced period in my life. There are always so many things happening behind the scenes moving us forward that we can’t see. Things don’t have to happen over night, and life doesn’t always unfold in the timeline that we think it should. This doesn’t mean that we are stuck or lost, it means that we are living life at our own appropriate and aligned pace. One of my favorite affirmations is “trust the timing of your life”, and so if you’re feeling down about the speed or pace of your life, ease back into trusting that you are right on track, exactly where you are suppose to be.


3. Remember, there is a difference in being purposefully still and unconsciously stagnant.

There is a time and a place for stillness, introspection, inspiration, and rest. We need these times to recharge, to reflect, and to recalibrate. Sometimes, it can be easy for us to go from this purposeful rest to unconscious inaction. Often times when we feel frustrated, it’s a sign that there’s an action we could be taking (or that our soul is begging us to take), but for some reason we just aren’t. Usually it’s because we are afraid. And that’s okay. It’s okay to feel fearful, but it’s important to recognize that this fear is what is bringing you this feeling of “being stuck.” If this resonates with you, ask yourself what small, gentle action you can take to move yourself forward.


4. Remember, if you keep showing up for life, life will keep showing up for you.

This your reminder not to give up, and don’t quit before everything you’ve been working for, manifests. Don’t let your frustration that you feel keep you from pushing forward and continuing to make the effort to meet life halfway. I like to think of life as a team effort. I do the work and put in the time, and life helps and guides me to the right places at the right time. Teamwork makes the dream work, literally.


5. Remember, that often times magic happens just after moments of difficulty.

Often times we can feel like nothing’s happening, that our efforts aren’t working, and that it’s all not going to come to form. But usually, there’s a lull that precedes the magic and the desired outcome. Good things do happen, and they will happen for you. Hold faith in these difficult moments of pause, and cultivate peace in the stillness that will lead you to the things you desire.

I sincerely hope these reminders help you out of your sticky moments. I know how difficult it can feel to be there, and so here’s to moving through it with grace, patience, and ease! I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments on the topic, so let’s keep the conversation going in the comments below!


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