5 Steps Toward a More Powerful You


Throughout life we’ve all been told at some point to give something “our all.” Whether it’s a sport, a class, a career, or a relationship, we’re told to give all that you can in order to achieve success. As we grow and learn, I think we tend to forget how important it is to give one hundred percent of yourself to life. How many of us just go through the motions, doing the bare minimum to get through life? How does this make us feel? I know from my own experience, I feel cheated, down, and slightly depressed. When we don’t show up and give life and the world one hundred percent of ourselves, we not only deprive the world, we deprive ourselves. We drain ourselves. We lose out.

In yoga, my teacher always says , “if you give ninety-nine percent, you’ll be drained. Give one hundred percent, you’ll be energized for life”. Generally, he adds this in during the part of class where we all seem to be struggling and want to quit. Usually, this is just the push I need to get myself into gear and finish the class with gusto. This sentiment doesn’t only apply in yoga, it applies in life. If we are consistently giving the bare minimum, we will get the bare minimum back. Imagine what kind of amazing things can come into your life if you put forth the most effort. This week, let’s focus on giving everything we can of ourselves, in every situation, no matter it’s importance, and notice the positives you get back in return.

What can we do to remind ourselves to be our best?

1. Staying present. If you’re consistently in the present moment, you’re more likely going to be giving the most you can give in a situation.
2. Take inventory. Set aside a few minutes to go through the aspects of your life. Is there a part you just can’t get excited about? Maybe use this time to re-evaluate your life and weed out the parts that don’t serve you.
3. Do the work. Once you’ve recognized where you could put a little more effort into your life, be aware, and make sure you don’t get distracted.
4. Give credit where credit is due. If you notice you went a whole day of giving 100%, give yourself a mental pat on the back! Treat yourself. Life doesn’t always have to be about the hard work, enjoy the rewards.
5. Take care of yourself! You can’t do the things you need to do, if you’re not well mentally and physically. Make sure you’re feeding yourself proper healthy foods and getting an adequate amount of rest.

What works for you? What do you incorporate each day to make sure you’re giving 100% to your life?
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