5 Steps to Success – All You Need is Within You

October 20, 2013


One of the words we use as a society to describe how fulfilling our lives are is “success.” Most of us believe that in order to have a worthy life, we need to be successful. Many times we think success stems from having an abundance of wealth, expensive items, and high social stature. In reality, none of that means anything if we aren’t in alignment with our own morals and ideas and if we aren’t truly happy.

We live in a world where anything is possible, we have so many resources and tools at our fingertips; we just have to believe that we are able to achieve our goals. Real success comes when we are in true alignment with our own purpose in life. When we find that calling that speaks to us, that we enjoy with every ounce of our being, that we can give back to others in an attempt to serve, that is where the real success lies. Leading a successful and purposeful life is a journey, not a destination. It is a process of learning what is in alignment with our truest selves, taking diligent steps, and trusting that all will work out in the way it should.

When looking for the answers to your own questions on how to live your purposeful life, it’s important to remember that everything you need to know, is already inside of you, you just have to listen. For more support, check out these five simple steps below, that will get you going on the path towards living your life with purpose.

1. Sit in peace and stillness and let you inner guide speak to you. Listen to your guide and find what your soul really wants. Ask yourself what would really make you happy. What would make you feel fulfilled? Listen for the answers and contemplate what comes up for you. Meditation is the surest path to clarity and can provide amazing answers when we take the time to listen.

2. Journal what comes up for you right after your meditation. Conscious writing after meditation can be very powerful. Even though meditation is a tool to quiet the mind, there can often be some inspired ideas that arise. Quiet time is when your inner guide speaks to you, telling you all that you really desire in life. Writing down these subconscious thoughts and ideas is a great step towards making them a reality.

3. Go over your journals and see if there is anything on paper that lights you up inside. Notice how your body feels when contemplating some of these new ventures. If you’re feeling drawn to something in particular, it is for a reason.

4. Think of small, practical steps you can take to begin this new journey. Do research, talk to people in the field, and start to take action. This can be overwhelming, but remember that you do not have to take a big leap to create change. Small positive movements in the right direction will get you where you want to go.

5. When all the work is done and you feel satisfied with the effort you’ve put in, let go, and allow the Universe to take care of the rest. When we are in true alignment, our lives flow effortlessly. You really do begin to believe and notice that you are in the right place at the right time. Ideas and opportunities will present themselves to you all in the right time.

What steps do you think you think you can take today to coming into alignment with your true purpose? Let us know!

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