5 Reminders for Stressful Times

June 21, 2020

5 Reminders for Stressful Times

Hello my friends,

I want to start this week, by saying that I know these times that we live in are stressful, uncertain, and anxiety ridden. If possible, we can find comfort in this, knowing that we are all living through this together. Stress and anxiety are a part of life, whether it’s facing a pandemic or systemic injustices, or even enduring our own personal experiences, the truth is that life has moments of extreme stress and worry.

Today I would like to share some of my remedies for stressful moments, with the intention of helping to guide you through this moment in time, but also equipping you with these tools so that you can rely on them whenever life presents a challenge or difficulty, and we know it surely will.

We all need these reminders, and personally, I really appreciate when a loved one or a mentor gives me a little nudge like this that helps to lift my spirits. There is a huge source of strength that comes when we all reach out to one another to check in, to offer support, and to be an ear when times get tough.

I encourage you to take in these simple reminders, knowing that you are strong, capable, and worthy of a life that has the happiest of moments even when you’re feeling sad, and that we can find a true sense of strength when we cultivate it from within.


…feelings aren’t final. It’s easy to believe that we will always feel a certain way. The truth is that no feeling is permanent, life is fluid, and in time the heaviness will lift. Feelings pass, emotions fade, circumstances shift, and things change. This stressful moment will pass. Give yourself a sense of relief in knowing this.

…to notice negative thought patterns. Sometimes we add stress to situations simply by letting our thoughts have their way with us. Have you ever noticed a situation that wasn’t really that bad, until you allowed your mind to write wild, crazy, and stressful stories about it? Our minds are powerful, they can truly influence our daily experiences. Take control back, by simply taking an inventory of your mind, and know where you can make positive adjustments. Meditating daily helps immensely. Reciting positive affirmations creates shifts. Journaling can help clear stagnant thoughts. Write yourself loving reminders. Do whatever is necessary to keep your thoughts in check, This is helpful, I promise!

… you can stop, and start again. Sometimes when we are stressed It’s  because we have taken on too much, we are carrying way too many burdens, and we are all go, and no stop. Allow this to serve as your permission to stop, to take breaks, to be still. There is healing and beauty in the pause. Life will continue to be ok, when you take these powerful moments to regroup. The situations and circumstances that await your attention will still be there, however, you will approach them with greater patience, confidence, and ease when you stop, recollect, and center yourself before proceeding. Remember, there is power in the pause.

…that you’re allowed to say no. Sometimes stress unfolds when we are overcommitted and trying too hard to please others, rather than taking care of ourselves. Part of managing stressful times is to instill aligned boundaries that will help you to take care of yourself in mind, body and spirit. Knowing when to say no, and remembering that you are allowed to say no, can bring a huge relief into our daily lives. Start to notice people, places and circumstances that constantly take you out of alignment and make you feel drained. That’s a great first clue on where you can lean back and say no in a kind, but strong way.

…you can help yourself by helping others. Often when we feel overwhelmed we start to believe that there is nothing that can be done to shift a situation. One of the greatest ways to get out of this cycle of defeat is to consciously serve someone else. There is beautiful energy that takes place when we care for someone else. We are a global community, we all feel and desire to love and be loved. When you take the action to allow someone else to feel that love, love will come back to you.

I don’t know about you, but I feel relief already just knowing that there are simple, effective tools for managing stressful times at our fingertips. It just requires the awareness and the dedication to see things differently and to act accordingly. I would love to hear your stress management tips. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments below!

xo, Michelle

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