5 Positive Affirmations for New Beginnings

August 22, 2022

5 Positive Affirmations for New Beginnings

Dear friends,

For those of us in the US, we are saying goodbye to the Summer season and preparing for Fall. With this changing of the seasons comes back to school, new projects, and oftentimes, new routines. No matter where you live in the world, the change of seasons provides a clean slate, and a chance for us to tap in with ourselves, center ourselves, and set intentions for the time ahead.

While a clean slate and a new beginning can feel uplifting and positive, it also can bring forth the anxieties and worries of the unknown. This week, I wanted to share with you my favorite affirmations I use to center myself during times of transition or a fresh start. These affirmations serve as a grounding reminder to keep the faith in my life’s path and trust myself in each moment.

I hope they provide support, hope, and guidance for you as we enter into this new chapter!

  1. I trust the timing of my life, I love to watch my life unfold in each moment.
  2. I am worthy of the good things coming to me.
  3. I am strong, capable, and ready to take on this chapter of my life.
  4. I always feel loved, supported, and valued.
  5. I love my life and I am grateful for each new opportunity.

What affirmations do you use during times of transition? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

xo, Michelle

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