5 Lessons from 2016

5 Lessons Learned in 2016

One of my favorite end of the year pastimes is reflecting on the lessons learned over the past 365 days.  I have been thinking a lot about time lately and how much it affects our lives.  Time can feel like it speeds up or slows down, when really it remains constant but our perceptions vary.  So in this matter of time, we are now approaching the end of another year.

In some ways for me 2016 feels like five years put in one, but in other ways, I can’t believe how fast it’s flown. Regardless of your outlook on this year coming to a close, a great way for us to honor the time that has passed is to reflect, remember, and reset for a brand new chapter.

For many of us, 2016 was a real doozy, giving us a hard smack down on life lessons.  While some lessons may feel challenging, it’s always important to remember that it’s all part of our awakening and shifting to the very best versions of ourselves.

Here are my top five takeaways from 2016:


  1. Life is happening for us not to us. Sometimes the world can throw us curveballs. The most important thing we can do when this happens is to reframe our thinking, remember that we are never given anything we can’t handle. When we remember that we have true strength within us, we can weather any storm. This is true empowerment.
  2. The lesson repeats until it is learned. I believe that life’s lessons will keep popping into our lives until we have truly learned and implemented the lessons. If there’s something continuously bugging you, ask yourself, “what can I learn from this?”.
  3. Loving yourself is a life requirement. We are all here to do amazingly, unique and important work in our lives! The first step to fulfilling this purpose and serving the world is serving yourself. Self-care is not selfish, it’s a requirement! Take time for you in the new year.
  4. Accept and love people where they are on their journey. 2016 showed us all where we are different, and that’s ok. We are all on incredibly unique journeys in life and it’s imperative to drop the judgment of the paths of others. Have compassion and love for the people who are different than you.
  5. Changing the world requires us to all participate. We are all being called to step up and be a force of good in this world. There has never been a more perfect time to embody the Gandhi quote, “Be the change you wish to see”. We must all start with ourselves to create the world we so deeply desire.


What are your biggest lessons learned in 2016?

I would love to know; please share in the comments below!

xoxo, Michelle

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