5 Habits I’m Releasing Before 2020


I saw a meme on social media recently, that served as a reminder that we are rapidly closing in on the end of 2019, which subsequently means we are nearing the end of this decade. Though we can all choose to interpret and define time and how it influences our lives in our own unique ways, there’s something very uplifting and inspiring about the thought of a new¬†decade upon us.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve always loved the notion of a clean slate, or a new chapter, but I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I want to leave this decade behind, and what I wish to carry over come the start of 2020.

I have so many goals, intentions, and wishes that I’m setting for this new year, this new decade, and with the full belief that it is all possible, I’m becoming more present to the habits, patterns, and traits I wish to leave in 2019, so that I have space to create and cultivate all that I desire. It is when we place our awareness on the things we’d like to change, that we create space for what we wish to bring into our lives, so below, are the five habits in my life that I’m working to release, to begin this new decade with a clean slate!


  1. Comparison. I’ve noticed within myself that there is still a piece of me that compares. I’ve found that the time I spend comparing myself to others truly drains me of so much energy, affects my mood, and keeps me from engaging in the things that make my life happier.
  2. Writing stories. This is a big one, the mind loves to write stories about everything so in 2020, I’m intending to STOP writing the many stories about things that I think that I know, and start listening and taking in the truth about any specific circumstance. I’ve found, that there is so much that we can learn when we create space to listen, rather than assume.
  3. Understanding how I use my time. We all know that there are many distractions out there that can take us away from the things we want to be focused on. This year, I intend to spend less time on the things that truly don’t matter as much, and more time towards what fills me up from the inside, out. Developing this awareness is key!
  4. Judgments. Similarly like writing stories, judgments about other people and other circumstances only create more separation and misunderstanding. In 2020, I desire to spend less time judging and more time understanding, and accepting.
  5. Releasing control of timing. The more I learn about life, the less I realize the control we have over it. Life is complicated and stressful enough, without adding our own mental chaos and preferred timing into the mix. Life unfolds in the timing that is needed, and the less I try to control, the more ease that comes into my life.

How are you preparing for 2020? I would love to hear in the comments below!

xo, Michelle


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