5 Affirmations to Help You Bloom in Spring


Dear friends,

With Daylight Savings time behind us, the light lingering a bit longer each day, Winter finally feels like it’s coming to a close, and we can start ushering in Spring. I love to recognize the seasonal shifts and noting the end of one chapter and the start of a new one.

New chapters in life can bring forth an array of emotions: excitement, optimism, and hope, but also at times, anxiety and uncertainty.

As many of you know, I love to use positive affirmations to help train my brain to think in a more productive, positive way, especially during times of transition.

This week, I wanted to share five of my favorite affirmations to use in this seasonal transition, to help us all bloom and thrive this Spring.

  1. I am always in the right place at the right time.
  2. I gracefully release everything that is no longer serving me.
  3. I love my life and I trust my timing.
  4. I am worthy of my deepest desires; what I want is on it’s way to me.
  5. Show me how good it can get.

I hope these serve you in this new chapter! Let me know what affirmations are speaking to you this Spring!

xo, Michelle

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