5 Affirmations for Welcoming Fall

September 13, 2023

5 Affirmations for Welcoming Fall

Dear friends,

Even though the weather might not be changing as fast as we’d like for it too, here in the US, Fall is right around the corner. This year, I feel a lot of hope and anticipation for the new season ahead. For some reason, I am greatly looking forward to a refresh, a change of pace, and an opportunity to begin again.

As we know, the only thing that is constant in life is change, and sometimes, change can feel scary. Sometimes the anticipation of something new can make us want to hold on even tighter to what is being left behind. Sometimes the fear of change can provoke self-sabotaging behaviors to keep us staying stuck. And sometimes, the opportunity of something new can make us feel confused as to what we really want, and what control we actually have.

This week I wanted to provide some simple, but powerful positive affirmations to help us all transition into a new season and chapter of life. I know there are so many feelings that rise to the surface at this time of year, so use these affirmations to remind you of what’s true, real, and good in your life, always.

As always, take the ones that resonate or mold and shape them to fit your personal, unique life. The magic key to affirmations is we actually have to believe them to be true; so make them work for you!

  1. I am excited and optimistic for what my future holds for me.
  2. I love and trust the timing, cadence, and path of my life.
  3. I allow each new chapter to usher in new aligned people, places, and opportunities.l
  4. Just like the trees in autumn, I allow the dead leaves to drop, creating space for new energy.
  5. I love who I am in this moment, and I honor myself for who I am becoming.

I hope these are supportive for you all in this new chapter! I’d love to hear in the comments the affirmations you are using in this season of life!

xo, Michelle

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