5 Affirmations for Managing Difficult Times

October 11, 2023

5 Affirmations for Managing Difficult Times

Dear friends,

As we all know, life is difficult. I don’t say this to be negative or doom and gloom, but rather just to say the truth. Life presents us difficulty and hardship, and though we try to avoid it, it’s simply part of life.

I know we are all emotionally impacted by the conflicts we see unfolding around the world. There is so much heartache and sorrow, and it’s easy to let our emotions get the best of us.

It can feel really challenging when we are continuously bogged down in the “negative” to find the glimmers of hope and positivity. We never know what life will throw our way, and in these turbulent times, it feels like life is really throwing us a lot of difficulty to handle.

I love to provide practical tools that can actually help you feel better. I would love for you to feel at least 1% better this week. And knowing that I cannot control anything that happens externally in this world, I know that we can start to feel the tiny percentages uptick when we go deeper within.

As we know, the thoughts that we repeatedly tell ourselves shape our reality. We, ourselves, can influence how we view the world, how we react to the world, and how we show up in the world, we just have to create the space to allow ourselves to choose thoughts that are in alignment with our highest ideals.

You most likely know, one of my favorite practices to bring my mind back to equilibrium is to repeat positive affirmations. I have truly been relying heavily on my affirmations to propel me through the difficult moments. Though the repetitions don’t change a situation or circumstance, they do re-frame, ultimately change how I view things.

Affirmations shift my mood. They attract the positive thoughts that move me into a happier, more productive place. And feeling more upbeat and motivated is good for all of us.

Today, I’m sharing a few of the affirmations that have been serving me, you can find them below, and I encourage you to come up with ones that really resonate with you. When you speak them to yourself, I hope you can believe them, feel them deep in your soul, and even if they don’t ring 100% true for you in this moment, allow them to serve as a guide point, a goal, or something to look forward to, knowing that this repetitive practice will bring you the ultimate result you deeply desire.

I love my resiliency and my adaptability (This is one of those “goal” affirmations. I feel it about 50% and the repetition allows me to act as if!)

I am strong, confident, and capable

I take everything one moment at a time

I am loved, supported, and cared for always (I love to repeat this affirmation in moments where I feel a lack in love, support, and care, because even if I feel unloved and abandoned, reminding myself that above all else, I am here for me, always gives me comfort and relief).

I am doing my best, and my best is always enough

If you feel called, I’d love to hear what affirmations you’re using to bring some happiness, positivity, and calm into your lives, during stressful days. Share your inspiration in the comments below.

xo, Michelle

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