5 Affirmations for Embracing Fall


For some reason, the transition from summer to fall always feels a bit tricky for me. I’m not sure if I still have some of that childhood emotion about summertime being the time for lightheartedness and fun, but I know that I’ve always loved the energy of summer, and I’ve always felt a sense of sadness and even dread when summer comes to a close.

I’ve had a lot of conversations with people around me lately who definitely can relate. It’s fascinating to me how the different seasons take on different energies, and I know that the summer state of mind is one we all wish we could maintain year round.

We know that seasons change, life continues to move forward, and this is a good thing! A new season brings so much possibility, opportunity, and growth, if we are open and receptive to it.

Even though I have always held a soft spot in my heart for summer, there is something truly magical about fall. As we begin to enter this new season, I want to share with you my favorite five affirmations that I’ll be using to usher myself into this new season and new energy.

1. May this new chapter bring me happiness, peace, excitement, and ease.

2. I release resistance to change, and embrace what this new season has in store for me.

3. I am excited to see what new opportunities and possibilities come into my life.

4. I give myself the necessary time, energy, and space to care for myself and my needs.

5. It’s okay to slow down. I know that everything that needs to get done, will get done.

What are some of your intentions and thoughts as we head into a new season?

Let me know!

xo, Michelle

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