5 Affirmations for Difficult Times

July 10, 2016

5 Affirmations for Difficult Times

I’m not going to lie; I have struggled more than ever in writing this week’s blog. I pride myself in writing with ease, and allowing my thoughts to flow to paper with the confidence and trust that whatever moves me to write, will also move and effect you in some way. Of course, some weeks are more challenging than others, but this week was different. This week I stared at blank screens, continuously went through a handful of topics, and contemplated what I could possibly say to you to bring your lives ease and peace. Every time I sat down to write, I had no words, which was concerning to me, as you know I love to just let it flow.

And then I felt deeply moved at my core. This week affected me deeply. The past few months have affected me deeply. The energy of the world right now is heavy, and so, it is not so easy for me to lightly pass on my take on life when, to be honest, life seems really difficult. I am experiencing the hardships of our country and our world on an emotional level, I am sensitive; so the hatred truly hurts. But, I must interject here, that even in my own difficulty, I still consider myself incredibly fortunate. I’m not going to pretend that the hurt I feel is the same as the existential pain and suffering that others feel. There is a difference, I know this, but I offer up my words here this week in the hope of easing anyone’s pain, no matter what they might be experiencing, because ultimately I do believe we are one, and we are connected.

Whenever the world seems to dark, and the problems seem too insurmountable, my spiritual practices allow me the space to remember that there is always a better way and there is always a solution. I believe that the greatest first step to change we can make, is changing the thoughts of our minds. Our thoughts matter so much, so even if you feel like there is nothing you can do to change the world we live in, you can make a conscientious effort to switch the reel to more positive thinking. Ask yourself, “How can I see life differently?” I promise you, it will lighten life’s load.

Here I offer you five simple affirmations that can help you through any challenging time and bring your mind back to a state of positivity and peace.

1. The outer world cannot shake my inner peace.
2. I trust that all is well and everything is working out for my highest and greatest good.
3. Whatever I am going through is guiding me to where I want to go.
4. Everything that happens to me is another opportunity to choose love.
5. I am protected; I am safe.

Sending you so much love always.

xoxo, Michelle

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