5 Affirmations for Reinforcing Self-Love

January 24, 2022

5 Affirmations for Reinforcing Self-Love

Hello friends,

Whenever I begin to write my blogs, I silently ask myself what would be the most useful and helpful for the people who will read it. I then think about my life: the main themes, challenges, and lessons that have been popping up. Of course, current events also undoubtedly influences our lives day in and day out. With that being said, this week I got the hit that we could all use a self-love boost.

I always feel that the beginning of a new year is such a rush, and towards the end of January we start to settle in, and uncomfortable feelings creep up. For me lately, there’s been a lot of comparing, judgmental, and anxious thinking. All of it stems from a need to practice more self-love.

I think we all can agree that love is the root and foundation of everything in our lives. Love fuels our relationships, passions, purpose, and drive. But so often, we are too eager to share the love for everyone and everything else, but fall short when it comes to ourselves. So many of us have it deeply engrained that self-love is selfish, or even egocentric, but real, authentic, self-love is the most precious act of care you and participate in.

For me, authentic self-love means being present to yourself, honoring your feelings, trusting your intuition, caring for yourself in ways that feel good for you, and honing in on what is and is not in your best interest.

You are worthy of the love that you so freely share with others. Now more than ever, we need to focus on love, starting from within and emanating out to everyone else in the world. We must do the work on ourselves to bring about the kind of world we wish to create and live in.

When we begin to truly love ourselves everything changes. Make the decision today to love yourself, and never let it be open for discussion again. The love that you cultivate for yourself will be the foundation for everything else you desire in life.

As we know, our thoughts are very powerful and can create the change we wish to see, so what better way to kick start our self-love journey than with some powerful affirmations to bring you into that loving place.

These five affirmations are powerful, meaningful, and effective. They have served me and continue to benefit me on my journey to fully loving myself.

  1. I love myself fully and completely.
  2. It is safe for me to trust my thoughts, beliefs, and desires.
  3. I honor who I am in every moment.
  4. My body is my home, I am grateful for it every day.
  5. I am worthy of love, happiness, and peace of mind.

I hope you take these affirmations, tweak them so that they suit you, help you feel aligned, and use them often on your journey.

My desire is that these will help you shift any negative thoughts about yourself back to love and help you to feel more at ease, content, and at peace. Remember, loving yourself is not selfish, it is required. Just as you absolutely benefit greatly by cultivating self-love, so does our world. It starts with us!

Let me know what other affirmations you have been using,

xo, Michelle

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