4 Common Spiritual Myths & 1 Spiritual Truth


With years in the spiritual and self-help world, I have spent much of my time as a student, watching, witnessing, and taking it all in. Perhaps this is due to the deep desire in me to always want to learn more and understand more. Treading the spiritual waters at times can be tricky because there is much information, and it is all labeled as truth. Truth in itself can be tricky. How can one define something that can be so unique to each and every person?

The one truth I do know is that we are all seekers looking to find a comfort in our experience here on earth. We look to spiritual paths and truths for this comfort. Sometimes we are misled, fall off our path, or leave the path all together. These are all lessons and part of the journey.

This week, I hope to shed some light on some of the spiritual myths that I have come across on my journey. I have experienced many ups and downs along my path, and I would not trade my experiences for anything because they have brought me to this moment here today, I have been feeling drawn this week and know that it is important for me to share some of these spiritual myths with you.

Myth #1: Once You Are On A Path, Life Will Get Easier

While it is true that once you adopt a spiritual practice you become more patient, kind, and in the flow of life, you are still dealing with the ups and downs of life. A spiritual path is not a quick fix to life, but rather it is a toolbox equipping you with how to manage whatever life throws at you on a day-to-day basis. Life doesn’t get easier― you just get better.

Myth #2: In Order to Receive, I Must Have

One of the biggest traps I fell into on my path in spirituality and self-help was materialism. I’m so happy to see that meditation and mindfulness have become popular and mainstream, and yet this has also become a multi-billion dollar industry.

Many have fallen into the notion that we need all of these “things” in order to receive the benefits of our spiritual practices. We need the green juice for our health. We need the yoga pants for our practices, the oils for our meditation, the crystals for chakras, and the list goes on. I enjoy all of these things, and I still own all of these things (but I am much more sensible than I once was). However, it is important to remember that these are material items, and they are not the means to which we will attain mental peace.

All of these products are businesses. I hope we all can remember that when we feel frustrated that our rose quartz hasn’t brought us the love of our life yet, or when we don’t feel totally zen from our new essential oil, that the material items are not necessary parts of the path. They are simply accessories.

Myth #3: There Is Only One Path

This is a tricky subject, as we are all very dedicated to our own paths, lineages, and religions. I put this myth here in hopes of opening your minds to the idea that there is more than one path to happiness, love, peace, compassion, understanding, and co-existing. We are living in difficult and uncertain times, so I think it’s safe to say that any path you may find yourself on that teaches love, compassion, and understanding is a good one.

Of course, there are going to be different methods of meditation, mindfulness, mantra, yoga, etc. Go on a search and find those that touch your heart and speak to you and experiment. I have enjoyed testing the waters and finding a path that works for me. I have found that a spiritual path cannot be forced, or it will never be enforced. When I finally found my path, it immediately was part of my day-to day life. There was no question about it. So I encourage you to find yours, and allow others to do the same without judgment.

Myth #4: The Goal of the Path is to Fix Myself

Most of us search out spirituality when we feel low or broken. Life has left us in a place where we feel like there is nowhere else to turn. That was my experience at least, and I am certainly grateful for it. Entering the self-help world has given me a wonderful foundation upon which I can live my life, but it is not a quick fix or a one and done, go back to your regular life, kind of deal.

It is called a spiritual path for a reason; it is your path for life. The path might change, turn, stop, wind, twist, and curve, but it is yours. And you don’t need to be fixed. You need to have tools, so that you can manage the incredibly difficult world that we live in.

You need to make time each day to connect with yourself so that you can be aware of your thoughts, and recognize that you are great just as you are. You need give yourself space to breathe, relax, think, and not compare yourself to others. However, you certainly don’t need to be fixed, not now, not ever.

The Truth: You are Your Greatest Teacher

All of the answers are within you. You do not have to go anywhere, listen to anyone, or search outside yourself to find peace, be “fixed,” and live your greatest life. The answers that you seek, the “wholeness” that you desire, and the truth are all within you.

We are our own biggest teachers, and it is time that we take back our power. It’s time to come back home, to who we are, and to our own personal truths. It’s our own person independence and truth that will “save” us.

I hope this helps you on your own path. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! If you’re looking to read more incredible commentary on spiritual truth, check out the amazing new book by Danielle Laporte White Hot Truth. It has been resonating deeply with me while reading it this week!

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